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They say if you dare them, they will dare you. Do you have what it takes to compete in The Dare? 60% of players wont.

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What is The Dare?

  • A scary, thrilling, dark and fully enjoyable experience for Baby Blues.
  • Competing in The Dare will need certain requirements indicated below.
  • Heavily note: If you are under the age of 18, consider twice before doing The Dare.
  • 60% of the players will quit the dare before less then 6 minutes into the game.
  • Will you be one of those 40%?
  • Click Here to Download The Latest Version of Baby Blues and start The Dare.

Do You Have What It Takes?

The Dare is a small, thrilling, dark enjoyable experience for Baby Blues and it is ONLY recommended for new players and for 18+ players only who are not feared easily, if you are under the age of 18, please do consider twice before playing and competing in THE DARE.
To successfully compete in this challenge you will need to follow certain steps.
Skipping one of these steps, The Dare will be failed.

Click Here to Download The Latest Version of Baby Blues..
Keep on reading till the very end..

Good Luck

Once you installed Baby Blues.
Step 1:
Wait for Night Time to Arrive (APP: 00:00am)
Step 2: Get in your room and turn off all your lights.
Step 3: Close your door.
Step 4: Wear Headphones and turn on the speakers volume.
Step 5: Play in complete darkness.
Step 6: Record your self getting all the teddies.


Step 1: The night will be a perfect time for them to be lurking around in the dark.
Step 2: Your room will be the most comfortable, and small for them to hide in.
Step 3: Because if something is coming for you, then you will have time to hide.
Step 4: So you can hear them breathing through the walls.
Step 5: So you will not be focused on whats focusing on you.
Step 6: So we can see all of you.


HAHAHA omg I **** my pants doing the dare, great great game even in 2021

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