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Here I will explain how to get started in the game's latest version and give you some usefull links!

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Creating Your Character

This one is pretty intuitive, the arrow buttons will change the options, and the other button will customize the colors, you can read more about the classes and races in the class guide, but you get a short description on the box below it. Pay attention at the spawn point you pick, the options might change depending on the wipe's story (ingame war), the spawns can be customized ingame by the players, like if you build a city you can make a spawn point there; but overall the main spawn point is the City of Heracles.

Make sure to choose carefully your status talents as they will determine your gains while you play, and while picking a god, keep in mind that god will be the one who choosen you since you were born; So he will be the God that will protect and guide your character.


Status and Nutritions

​To advance on Azusa, you must first understand the importance of food and nutritions, on your status window you can see your physical stats, "Strenght (Str), Endurance (End), Force (Forc), Resistance (Res), and Speed (Spd)" When you use a training method you will increase these values, but to increase them your character must be fed and well nourished, each different food has its own nutrition value and when you train you basically gain more on a certain status in exchange for some of your nutrition. You can check your nutritional values by pressing the arrow button like shown on the picture to the left.
The Skills are what we call learnable status, nutritions wouldn't affect those, like for example Attacking and Defending are basically how well you can fight, regardless of your body buildings.
Skill Points and Levels are very important in Azusa, Skill points are used to learn your class traits, and in the future to learn your armor's skills, so save them!
You gain Skill Points and Levels while doing basically anything on Azusa, and every training method will increase those;



You can see the list of default macros on the hotkeys list at the top of your screen, however you can edit and customize them as you want by pressing the "Hotkeys" button like shown. It's pretty simple, it will ask you which key you want to set as a hotkey, and the next one will ask you the name of the command you want to use: Train for example (shown on the image), you could use others like "Who" or "Rules", always separating the name with "-" instead of spaces, if you want to hotkey "Admin Help" you would need to type it as "Admin-Help" in the second box. You can hotkey basically every command in the interface with this method,Make sure to read the Controls Guide for a complete guideline in Azusa's interface


Gathering Food and Resources

​​At the start the easiest foods you can get are apples, oranges and chicken meat. You can get fruits by hitting/punching a tree (Z to Attack), keep hitting it and you will take the tree down and some wood will drop (Keep in mind that it will take quite some time with a low level and just your empty fists, an Axe will make it easier and faster). You can get meat by hunting wild animals; however there are other methods to get better quality food, like a meal or breads from a civilian cook. Also, defeating the bandits can grant you some breads and fruits.
The same way you got resources from trees you can get from mountain walls, breaking out some stones of it. Gathering resources is also considered a training method.


Getting Stronger

​​Your first possible training method will be the basic ones, but as you progride in the game and learn from veteran characters you will develop better training methods depending on your character style and who was your masters;
But at first to progride in the game and get stronger you will rely on the leveling up training methods; The main one is fighting npcs;
While you fight something, you are doing the Spar training method; it grants you the most experience and raises your Level; Keep in mind you gain while the fight happens, not when you win or lose; so longer you can fight, better you will gain. Sparring npcs will grant more levels and experience, and Sparring players will grant you better status gain, mainly if you are doing it with a master.
Don't level up alot early game! It will put you quickly at the status soft-cap; and it will become too hard to get more levels; Its adviced for you to roleplay and interact with other players to farm RP points and to learn the other training methods soon as possible; So get levels to get strong enough to get started!

Keep in mind you can also progride by gathering resource or punching bags at a gym!


Training Methods

​You are probably into the game enough to start hearing about the training methods; like it was stated before you learn them while roleplaying with other players and earn those from veteran players;
When you learn a training method you will also be able to teach other people said method, but keep in mind everything must be roleplayed properly; otherwise you can end up getting an RP Ban.
The training methods are organized by 3 cathegories; and you can raise your characters mastery in each cathegory as you get used to them.
Keep in mind the gains from the training methods vary depending on how close you are to the global soft caps; and on your concentration level; Inside the training cathegories there are half afk methods and active training methods, the active ones can increase your concentration bar and multiply your gains.

Each training method have diffrent gains and do diffrent things, find out more about them ingame!
*Meditate (half afk)
*Cosmic Slumber (active)
*Float (active)

Shadow Spar:
*Shadow Spar (half afk)

*Dual Train (active)
Cosmo Charge:
*Cosmo Charge(half afk)


Elemental Cosmo

​​As you reach level 5 you will discover your cosmo element, this window will appear asking you to decide between Fire, Water, Thunder, Earth or Wind cosmo, this is a very important decision since it will determine which skills your character will develop when he become a Guardian or Reaper;

At level 20 you will unlock the skill depending on the cosmo combination of your character and the guardian armor he is wearing, keep in mind that if you pick an unmatching element and armor you won't learn the skill!

*Fire + Thunder = force = Fire Storm, creates 5 random lighting strikes that leaves fire fields; if hits someone, a big damage is dealed;
*Fire + Earth = resistance = Meltdown; creates a surrounding field of lava, entering it haves a great chance of burn based off yours res;
*Water + thunder = attack = Aurora Lightning; a 5 tiles lightning strikes forward, some snow effects, and chance to freeze; lower chance to freeze fire
users with higher forc; higher chance to freeze if penguin skill is active (frozen aura);
*water + wind = speed = Hurricane; creates randomly placed imobile hurricanes that drags near people inside 'em; and dealing minor damage over turns ticks
*earth + wind = strength = Piercing Pillars; create 5 random big boulders that falls from the sky;
*fire + fire = force = Burnout; creates a 3 tiles foward of fire attacks, doesnt leave fire field but have a chance on burning; less chance on burn against water users with higher res or forc
*water + water = def = Geyser; hits in a linear direction 4 times, each per tile, and once it hits someone, it throws the person to the next
tile dealing damage at him again and again;
*earth + earth = endurance = Earthquake; creates a crater that drags foes 4 tiles away near to you, dealing damage when the mob is close enough;
*thunder + thunder = resistance = Thunder Wave; creates a wave of energy around you that goes to the directionals dealing damage;
*wind + wind = attack = Gale Fist; hits 3 tiles to your adjacent direction (near 3 tiles), and throws the foes away.


Tournaments Arenas

​​In order to become a Guardian, young and brave humans travels ready to compete against people all around the world in Elemental Arenas; the winners are recognized as heroes by the gods and are granted huge amount of legendary powers, the Olympian Guardians are originally responsible to protect the creation, but as the Great Wars started these armors have been used to defy the Gods themself, or protect them;
The army of underworld wears similar armors called Reaper armors, and since then they have been fighting to define the destiny of earth;
You can read more about the Guardian Armors and Arenas locations at the Ordinary Armor Guide

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The Great War

​The Great War happens every 150 years, its when the magic armors are revived and a new Hades Vessel awakens. The Death Lord rules the underworld, and forces the dead humans to wear his underworld armors to become his Reapers, completely removing their human kindness and turning them into demoniac puppets; the heroes fight the underworld army to protect their friends and family.

If you die, you can end up becoming an underworld reaper and fight for the evil side to kill the ones you once called friends, or you can refuse to wear the underworld armors and wait for your friends to rescue and revive you using the relics!
When the war ends with the good side wining, earth gets 150 years of peace, and this era is called "Azusa"; When the evil side wins, earth gets doomed for 150 years, since no one could kill the underworld army, and they are already dead and wont die of age; They end up being the rulers of earth at the start of the next war.

Dungeons and Relics

​There are alot of hidden places, and secrets around the world of Azusa; some of these places guarded by ancient mythical creatures and traps strong enough to kill the bravest Guardians that dare to challange them in search for the many treasures hidden around these place usually called "dungeons";
These secrets are mostly Relics, items that have been forged with Cosmo in it, similar to the guardian armors Relics are capable of boosting your powers and sometimes even give you perks; such as letting you burn your foes or be imune with fire, everything depends on the Relic's story;
Are you brave enough to explore the world in search for them?

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