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Azusa v.1.0.6-8 released and brings Time Travel, Interface Remade, New Atlantis, Admining remade and more.

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Roleplay Focused

The game is a roleplay-focused style and is completelly designed to allow the player to develop their character into the game's story while interacting with other players and being able to define the future with their actions; and as time passes, these characters will grow old and die, allowing the player to play with their next generations progressively and experience an exciting timeline.

Players in Azusa can develop their character into being almost anyone, or anything, from a simple baker working at a castle,, to the engineer that builds a prosperous city, or a strong and brave hunter that becomes a Guardian of Olympo, granted with enough powers to protect or destroy the world; Or even a retired Guardian that uses his final years to teach and train young guardians to protect future generations!

In Azusa's universe villains are also other players, its possible to completely destroy a prosperous city changing the direction of the game's story!


Since mythological eras Hades been trying to turn earth into his realm by killing every creature; however when evil appears young humans wearing the legendary olympian armors and fists strong enough to cut the sky and open craters on earth, risk their lives to save the world; They are known as Olympian Guardians, backed by the Gods in Olympo, Zeus, Poseidon and Athena have been fighting to define the destiny of earth!

These armors were organized in two different tiers; the ordinary guardians are based off creatures, showing their roles toward protecting their creations; and the golden ones, these Golden armors were directly crafted by the gods and usually fight to protect them; the golden armors are organized in groups: the ones who fight for Zeus, are called Elites; the ones protecting Poseidon and the oceans are called Marines, the ones who protect Athena's Sanctuary are known as the Zodiac, and the ones responsible to keep order in the underworld are known as the Princes;

Each armor have a unique playstyle and set of skills, making the games battle completely dynamic and unpredictable, and giving the combat a unique touch of strategy and real time action;

Guardians are picked by "destiny" as they fight in Elmental Arenas that are scattered around the entire world; kids are commonly sent to train and grow into dangerous zones to one day be gifted with one of these legendary armors; using their cosmo energy, they manage to manipulate the armors elements to develop new techniques and unique builds/playstyle.



After dying, the player in Azusa world goes to Hades' realms, the underworld has been re-designed by the god to be a world of suffering and punishment for Humans; using their suffering, Hades managed to change humans into killing everything good within them, turning them into fierce and merciless beings called Reapers; wearing the underworld armor their main objective now is to spread death and chaos to earth.

Basically, a long dead friend may come back as a villain trying to kill you and everything he once loved; as the great wars goes on the destruction and struggle between nostalgic battles makes up the perfect dramatic scenes of this roleplaying world;

When you die you will go down the Yomotsu mountain and will find yourself near the Hell's Gate;
Whenever you are walking through the underworld try to read the prompts, as they will explain each of the hells sections (named Jails) and what they are for;

Once you cross the Hell's gate, you will be in the first valley of the first Jail; this valley is the edge of the Acheron river; here is where the indecise souls spends their eternity trying to cross the river in a endless loop; theres a way to go through the Acheron River, and its only through the Soul Raft; To call the soul Raft you need to drop all the money by the shore, and by giving up your past life, the raft will take you to the second valley, the Judgement hall.
In the judgement hall there is the judgement book, there is written the deads names and their main sin, once you read the book and are judged you will be taken to one of the 16 valleys inside the 8 jails of the underworld;

You won't be able to walk through jails as a normal soul; you will be there suffering untill you become a reaper or be rescued; each jail have its own suffering methods; and each suffering work as a unique training method to that area. Once you manage to master the sufferings and enter the nightmare world; you will be able to stop your sufferings by killing your good side; it will be a hard battle, but if you kill it you will come back as an evil reaper, the main villains of the game and able to walk through the underworld jails;

​​Character Customization

Create a unique character by customizing your appearence through over 100 possible hairs and clothes combinations to be obtained ingame, and play through the 5 races in Azusa universe, not just as humans as you can unlock rare races such as Angels, Demons, Kappas and Lemurians and go through unique experiences as you explore the games universe;

You also have complete freedom to develop a perfect build to match your playstyle, as you can decide the talents your character will have, increasing each status gain directly; and build it through as you learn new techniques ingame and obtain different armors and develop new elemental combinations;

Azusa's character customization isn't limited to the creation window; while you play you can learn many different training methods and be trained by different masters as these will also define how strong your character will be; your adventure won't define just the world around you but each characters unique attributes.

Civilian, Masters and Fighters


There are 3 main classes in the game, that will also define great part of your adventure in Azusa universe, even while battles and powers are commonly used to define the destiny of the world, Azusa universe isn't simply about battles. Each of these classes will define the importance and the role you will have.

Civilians hold most of the utility traits, and tends to play through a common lifestyle; don't think that civilians are determined to be weak, as they can also become powerfull guardians; Civilians are the only ones capable of learning all the civil traits at once, they can be builders, medics, tailors, barbers, etc. And they are usually the richest classes in the game; they can build houses, furnitures, create shops and more!

Masters are great at training friends or pupils, as their traits helps them to raise the status gains of who they are training with; also Masters can develop fighting styles that will boost the players chances to land a critical, counter or combo attack;

Fighters are the ones with best fighting potential as their traits increases their talents, (how fast they will gain said status) however only your playstyle will define how strong you can actually be!

Each class depends on each other. Use ingame money to interact and get each other's help; also, every class can learn a single random civilian trait, so its possible to roll a fighter with medic trait...

Training Methods and Ranks


In Azusa there are many different ways to progress and grow stronger; you can become one of the strongest players in the game simply by roleplaying but there are still many other things you can do to see some progression, most of these training methods must be learned from other players, most are spread first by ranked players;

Ranks are usually characters with certain important global position, such for example the king of a city, a god, a golden guardian or a hermit living in a forest; to become a ranked character you must be responsible and fit its role, and guide the games story as said character; and some main roles of these ranks are teach and train future guardians, and end up with unique training methods;

There are over 28 training methods so far in Azusa to be learned, they are mostly organized in 3 styles, Active trainings, Half Afk Trainings and Action trainings; The action training normally doesn't require to be learned as they are mostly like punching a sandbag, or sparring a friend or masters, the active training methods require you to concentrate and hit certain arrows directions and increase the character concentrations bars; these methods are the most efficient as the more concentration you get, the higher will your gains be; the final one, the half afk methods are the easiest to use, as you can leave your character training and do other things in your computer such as watching a youtube video etc.

The active training methods are organized in 3 cathegories: meditation, cosmo charging, and shadow sparring; and you can increase your mastery in these categories as you train a method in these; but, there are 2 different types of active trainings along these categories, we call them "local training" and "normal trainings"; the local trainings can only be used in certain areas of the world, for example, a training method to try to reverse the flow of waterfalls can only be used near a waterfall, so its a local training. Local trainings increases your Cosmo Control depending on the cosmo element you have, and cosmo control will affect your elemental technique damage!
So training in the desert, asgard or in any of the different biomes in Azusa world will build your character differently!

Biomes and Dungeons


You can adventure through the many different biomes in Azusa world, and each biome has its own unique possible local training and architecture, and are commonly protected by different gods; there are also different materials in each zone of Azusa world, so if you are an explorer type you can travel and commercialize resources around the world and gain decent profit, learn different architecture styles and of course, fight for the justice or destruction of a region!

Admins can also set and make custom dungeons, zones filled with bosses, traps, puzzles and other dangers that protect treasure or secrets toward the story; these dungeons are preset or made ingame as the global story progride, allowing the players to literally be able to discover new places never visited before in search of a unknown treasure that can help them to win a war to protect the world...

Relics and Treasures


Relics are objects similar to Armors, forged with a certain amount of cosmo energy inside, turning them into treasures capable of giving someone powers and techniques; Most relics hold a unique utility, others only hold an extra amount of power, but all of them are usually keys to decide a battle, some relics are so powerful that they overpower the guardian armors themselves!

However, these artifacts are usually collected by thieves, or mythological creatures, and are commonly protected by them in dungeons; but there are also custom relics made by experienced Lemurians. The relics utility vary in almost everything, from relics able to burn or poison your enemies, to relics that are able to absorb blasts or deflect them, etc. It will all depend on your luck as you explore the games world!

Time Travel And Custom Gods

The amount of things you can do and change in Azusa universe are limitless thanks to Custom gods and Time travel, it's literally all up to how the story and roleplaying guides the universe; its possible to go back in time and be part of some important lore era; and even be able to change it to then come back to the present to see everything new! Its insanely hard for time travel to happen, however it is possible; as it is possible to become a custom god yourself! And even take Zeus' place as the Almighty God!

Shape the world along with your friends in this online endless adventure as you play through many generations of your characters and be part of this timeline filled with drama, chaos and action!

You can read more about the recent updates at our official devlog
And read about the v1.0.8 version specifically here

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