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There have been 2 official updates since the release of Axion. The most notable changes are the mouse interface for the HUD and the new animations that have replaced the ragdoll physics.

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You may have to restart Steam for this update to download.

You will need to reset your character after this update!!!!

Start the game and press F10. Press enter to reset your character. If you do not do this, you will not be able to fire any weapons. Sorry for the inconvenience. There were some changes done to the core mechanics due to the switch over to the new mouse interface.

Replaced keyboard UI controls with mouse interface.
Added game mode selection to launcher.
Removed main menu after launcher (obsolete).
Remapped controls to be more ergonomic now that mouse is working.
Changed in game controls window to reflect new bindings.
Fixed bug where clicking cancel at the 'join server' prompt would exit launcher.
Fixed bug that gave experience for shooting pig ragdolls.
Fixed problem with exit game and character reset prompts sharing the same key bind as the menu selections.


Replaced all ragdoll physics with a variety of death animations.
Rebalanced damage and range for all weapons.
Overhauled hit detection for melee weapons.
Increased transparency of crosshairs.
Added mountain range in far north east area.
Improved foliage near the lake in the south east.
Fixed: Female character couldn't harvest trees due to a bug with axes.
Fixed: Blood particles not spawning when they should be.
Fixed: "Experience++" Indicator stuck on sometimes in multiplayer.
Fixed: Inventory slot 1 could hold two items when trading.
Fixed: Searchable containers not working correctly in multiplayer.

New Animations!

Improved Level Design!

The lake.

Improvements to the lake in the south east corner of the map.

The mountains.

New mountain range in the north east.

Watching the road.

Adding more variety to the landscape.

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