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Mega Man. Contra. Metroid. Mega Man X. These are just a few of the awesome shooters released for the NES and SNES systems. And while many modern throwbacks do a commendable job emulating the game style of that era, most fall short of being as memorable as their forbearers. Vacuos Terra, a video game recently put up on Kickstarter, seeks to take all the best aspects of the legendary platformers/shooters of old and combine them into a thrilling 8-bit experience unlike any other.

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Most modern throwbacks bring along the unfortunate air of riding in the coattails of the success of the "real" games of their era. This is particularly true of modern NES-style videogames; I've seen plenty of these that are aesthetically sound, offering up gorgeous visuals and pleasant (if not too memorable) music-- unfortunately, they often lack the gameplay polish and creative genius that the best of the NES games had. Fortunately, developer Andrew Castellucci seeks to change the perception of a retro throwback with his 8-bit shooter, Vacuos Terra, which has just been put up on Kickstarter. For those of you who don't know about it, Kickstarter is a crowd-funding website where people can put up their projects-- books, videogames, films, music, technology, whatever-- and others will pledge money to them for various rewards. For example, pledging $5 to a videogame might get your name in the credits of the game, while a $10 pledge will get you a nice copy of the videogame as soon as it is released. Fortunately, early backers for Vacuos Terra will receive a copy of the game for half the price as normal backers ($5), so you won't have to spend a copious amount of money just to satisfy your 8-bit-shooter addiction. For more information about it, and to support the project, check it out on

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