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We went silent for two months. You were probably wondering what happened. Well ...

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We are proud to announce that AvP2 Team Fortress v1.1 is now available. That's right, you can now download it here:

At 100MB the installer (400MB installed), you're probably thinking: "What the heck did they put in it?"

  • For a start, full integration with the master server patch (version 1.3).
    This means advanced server info, sorting by ping, players count and so on.
  • Expansion pack-like independence from the game.
    So basically you can play both the regular AvP2 and AvP2 Team Fortress mod without fearing that one might influence the other. Heck, you can even uninstall/reinstall the master server patch for the regular game and the mod will not be affected! The other way arround works just as well.
  • "Domination" was added as a new game mode!
    This increases the count of our previous game modes (CTF, 1FCTF, War, Assault) to 5, all of them objective based!
  • In-game hints!
    Displayed at respawn, to remind the player of its own weaknesses. Don't worry though, you can also find out about your strong points as well as the soft spots of the enemy.
  • Lobbies!
    We don't like to get spawn-killed more than you do. Therefore maps with a higher incidence of spawn killings now have a lobby. You can now choose where to appear on the actual battlefield.

  • A new netcode!
    It changed the game so much for the better that we had to also introduce it to the regular AvP2 game, through the master server patch.
  • New maps!
    Unless you've been part of the testing crew, you have no idea what "Rooftops", "Heretic", "Enterprise" (ok, maybe you know a little about THAT one), "Crepuscular Hecatomb" or "Resin Pit" (*a long cough* second picture from the first set of three *cough*) mean.
  • A "Nemesis" system!
    Demoman kills heavy, flamethrower trumps aliens, predators trump humans etc. You'll love it, we know we do!
  • A manual!
    This way you'll know everything (well, almost) about the mod. And you'll no longer have to ask people "so what do I do with the yellow flag?"

We've been working on this version for more than a year so I can keep adding items to the list for the next two hours. There's a lot of new and interesting stuff in it, so make sure you download, install and play it!

This release was possible thanks to our (surprisingly large, for an old game) team. Some names pop in my head: Windebieste, Vemarkis, Moose_Head, Guus, Acro32, Hellraiser, Newt, Smoker, Alien Grand Master, Cedric. And I'm sure I forgot at least a dozen more. Thank you for your help, you will all be mentioned in the upcomming post mortem.

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