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The update consists in a corrected mod launcher. The compatibility is preserved with version 1.1

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We're releasing version 1.1.1 (a small update) to handle issues with the mod launcher. If you haven't yet downloaded AvP2 Team Fortress, then make sure and get the latest file here:


If you already downloaded version 1.1, then you have several options:
  1. Get the 1.1 to 1.1.1 patch here:


    Download the archive and execute the installer inside it.
  2. When clicking on Multiplayer Internet and the update window pops up, click ok:

    The game will shutdown and your browser will pop up at this location:

    Download the archive and execute the installer inside it.
  3. If you like to poke around things, then locate the avp2tf.ini file inside the game installation folder. Open it, and change the following:

    [commandline] mainExe = "lithtech.exe" mandatoryCommandParams = "-rez AvP2 -rez avp2tf\AvP2Fortress.rez"

    [commandline] mainExe = "lithtech.exe" mandatoryCommandParams = "-cmdfile avp2cmds.txt -rez AvP2 -rez AvP2.rez -rez Sounds.rez -rez avp2tf\AvP2Fortress.rez"
  4. And finally, if you're one of the guys that belive that custom launchers are for sissies, then running AvP2 with the command line parameters set to -rez avp2tf\AvP2Fortress.rez should do the trick for you.
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