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Reaching version 1.3, the Master Server Patch brings a whole new set of features: advanced server info, server list sorting, a new netcode and even some maps!

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After quite some delays, the master server patch has a new version available:


The game client features the following new features:
  • faster server list retrieval
  • access to the advanced server info (server rules, list of players)
  • sorting by ping, player count, map name, game mode (big, big thanks to AJL for his caching code)
  • version checking (will notify the user when a new version of the mod is available for download)

Among the new features added to the game server, besides all the features inherited from the bunny server code, (big thanks guys!), we'd like to list the following:
  • local ban based on hardware ID
  • support for Coop mods (at the end of the SP level )
  • support for an entity interpolation based netcode (an overall smoother online experience, for high ping servers and with the new netcode enabled)
We did mention new maps. The following have been selected to be distributed with our mod (and yes, we did get the approval of the authors):



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