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Here is the new USMC HUD for our upcoming AVP GOLD 2 Mod.

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AVP GOLD 2.0 is a re-creation of the original AVP/AVP Gold Game. All the things you loved about AVP will be included in this Mod with some new added Features mostly in the Maps. We really want to bring AVP back just the way we all remembered with the possibility of a few new things. This Mod will be powered by the Half-Life 2 Source Engine and the game play will be Identical to the old AVP. Fast paced intense action in dark & creepy maps etc. Just so you have an idea of all the Classes and their capabilities here's some information.

This Mod will have 3 Races: Aliens, Predators, and Marines.

Predators - Have 3 visions for all 3 Classes. Pred's Vision is Green, Bug vision is Red and Marines vision is blue. The Predators are also fast

==Weapons / Tools==

Shoulder Cannon | Spear Gun | Wristblade | Medicomp | Cloak

At this time we will not be adding the Predator's Disk, or Pistol (Bug Gun)


Aliens - Hunter's Vision, and regular vision. However the bug can see a glow about other players. For the Predators it's Green, Aliens it's Red, and Marines give a blue glow. They also move Super Fast and can climb on walls.

==Weapons / Tools==

Tail | Climbing | Acid blood | Head Bite | Lunge


Marines -Marines get flares to throw out to lighten dark rooms, they also have radar to help spot out enemies. The Marines move semi-fast.

==Weapons / Tools==

Medpack | Pistols | Skeeter Gun | Minigun | Grenade Gun | Sadar Gun | Flamethrower

Smartgun | Pulse Rifle | Image Intensifier |


Mod Update: Here is the new AVPG 2 USMC Radar HUD.

P.S We are looking for the following:
- Mappers
- Coders
- Modelers
- Skinners


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