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This is the info on all the chars you will be able to play as.

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Colonial Marines
MarineThese men and women are tough and think they've seen it all, but they're not prepared for the viciousness of the Aliens nor the cold-blooded ruthlessness of the Predators. What they lack in brute force they make up for in weaponry, with pulse rifles, flamethrowers, rocket and grenade launchers, and shotguns at their disposal. They're also equipped with shoulder lamps for illuminating those creepy corridors and hacking devices for breaking into computers and pulling out vital information.

PredatorThese guys live for the hunt. There's nothing they enjoy more than bagging some trophies for their spaceships, and Aliens are among the toughest creatures they've hunted. They're equipped with wristblades, shoulder cannons, two-handed spears, and net guns. That's not quite the arsenal the Marines carry, but the Predators make up for it with cloaking devices that allow them to stalk their prey unseen.

AliensLV1201 was home to many Aliens and their Queen Empress for over 10,000 years until the humans showed up and established their research facilities. Now they must take the planet back from not only the humans but also the Predators who have arrived to hunt them to extinction. The Aliens use the shadows to their advantage, sneaking up on their enemies until the time is right to pounce on them and slash with their vicious claws and tails. Their mouths open to reveal a second set of jaws that can punch a hole in most living creatures, and they bleed acid that will damage their opponents even after their deaths.

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