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My latest game, Nil-Ninjahtic: Ronin, is available on Windows for $1.99 USD and is also on Steam Greenlight for voting.

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If you like, you can purchase the full game on, IndieGameStand, or through FastSpring for $1.99 USD as well as vote for Steam availability on it's Greenlight page. Purchasers from any of the aforementioned sites will receive a Steam key, if Greenlit.

You can see the game in action through the trailer below.

Nil-Ninjahtic: Ronin is a pseudo 8-bit action platformer. It combines much of the gameplay aspects of the previous titles in the series and improves upon them, minding the feedback received on those titles through Steam reviews, forum posts, and Let's Play videos.

The platforming relies on usage of the environment through wall-running, wall-jumping, and climbing abilities. Combat is a blend of a simplistic sword fighting system and the battle mechanics presented in the Ninja Gaiden titles for the NES. While there are puzzles to solve, levels are very straightforward and linear with frequent checkpoints and unlimited continues to balance out the challenging difficulty.

Its story is quite minimal and revolves around a hypnosis induced vision experienced by the protagonist. While it is a bit autobiographical, gameplay remains the focus of the experience.

Like all of my other games, I developed the game entirely on my own and had composed the soundtrack in its entirety. If it interests you, please do check it out and possibly give it an upvote on Greenlight through the above links.

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