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Strogg Universe is available for download. Happy New Years!

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I've been wanting to test this in multiplayer so if anyone else wants to play contact me at you_failed_at_life at hotmail to setup a time.

...and since I must use 300 characters to post now I must babble:
be sure to pick your starting suit in the console before playing a map. Setting "suit" to "2" is usually best for singleplayer, the shield suit. Though others are interesting. And only in multiplayer can you pick your starting weapon by typing "weapon" in the console for your options.

Also, if you don't understand why your shotgun isn't doing any damage to a light tank, before rage quitting, be sure to read the manual on the official page to understand things like how the armor system and weapon penetration works. The weapons you choose greatly determine what you can do in different situations. And a tip when dealing with the new grunt if he gets too close: run.

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