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Q&A, the future of the mod, request of help, Xbox360 and Ps3 support, and releasing information

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So the mod got autorized! Yey!

So now I have finally the freedom to explain what this really is.

What is Aperture butterfly?

Aperture butterfly is a mod (technically a mod) that uses choices and will be a bit short. The mod will feature probably 2 or 3 endings and (hopefully!) a boss battle.

I Want to help! How can I enter on your team?

First off, there isn't a team (yet). I'm working alone on this mod but I will need help for some things.

I'm currently looking for:

  • Level Designer(s)

-Medium to hard puzzles (Like in Midnight, Portal: Prelude and Portal Stories: Mel)

  • Hammer mapper(s) (Preferably experienced)

For thing like I can't do, for example: lighting (I hate doing lighting on source), helping me polishing and compiling maps (I can, compile maps on my pc. BUT, my pc is so bad that I think if compiling on it will take some of the quality of map. Yeah, really)

  • (Maybe) SFM filmaker

If I ever get one of these, he can make a trailer for it

Talking about beta testers I will get on this later.

Why only make a small MapPack and not a full-scale mod?

My mappack is only representative. It is to show some of my effort on future projects and try to convice people to join my team if I ever get on doing a fullscale mod (yes, thats planned)

Will it be on steam?

No. Because this is only a small mappack, I don't think it's worth the effort publishing it to steam.

Besides, I and you guys probably know that if this mod get released on ModDB it will have like a 8.0 or something, but if it get released on steam it would get really bad reviews. I think this mod will be even short than portal, but I want, erm I need this mod to have quality.

Will it be on workshop?

I don't know, I can make a version with no choices for the workshop (that follows only one path) version (cause you know, workshop don't have level changes).

OR upload only one map to the workshop and the others as download and use levelchange on that map to the other's map that are on the portal 2 folder.

Release Date?

Common! I haven't even finished the first map of the mod!

If I can work properly on the mappack and get enough people at my side? Maybe august (if I rush). If not, december.

More news coming soon!


XBOX360 and PS3 support

I am thinking about this. If anyone know how to edit game's files on XBOX360 and/or PS3 contact me. We might get this mod working on these games.

(I also might need beta testers for these versions)

Also for the dump ones: XONE and PS4 don't have portal 2.

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Common! Even news need autorisation?

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Well, what can I say? Tracking :)
I'll be waiting for some media.

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