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I6s and Engine Designer Overhaul released, Work started on Turbocharging. Greenlight love still needed.

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December Development Update

Performance OHV I6

Steam Greenlight Campaign needs your help!

As you know, we’ve got a Steam Greenlight Campaign going, and to be honest its exceeded all our expectations, having consistently been in the top 100 for over a month now.Unfortunately at this point we’re only just holding our ground at #67, and slowly dropping down the ranks, only to return back to where we were every time a round of games is greenlighted.

Getting on Steam would be a major coup for us both from a publicity stand point, hopefully a financial standpoint, and will make it WAY easier for people to find and buy the final product.If all of you who have Steam could please up vote our project and tell any friends you think might appreciate it to do the same that would be very much appreciated!

RB26 style rocker cover

Inline 6 and Engine Designer Revamp update released.

After nearly 5 months of hard work we've finally released the major update for the engine designer, containing Inline 6 engines, and a complete rework of all engine calculations and scenario gameplay.

  • Inline Six Engines
  • Selectable Rocker Designs & Paint Colours
  • Complete overhaul of all engine calculations for improved realism and gameplay
  • Rebalance of all scenarios, much less one diamensional gameplay now.
  • New much improved UI Graphics
  • Manual Revving of Engines
  • BSFC (effeciency) graph.
  • Major art overhaul including lighting rework for much improved looks
  • Lots of other tweaks and updates

If you haven't played Automation in a while its certinaly worth another look as all the scenarios have a lot more gameplay depth, the graphics are much improved, and the range of choices and compromises you need to make to design an engine is expanded.

Also, manually revving your engines is LOADS of fun :)

See below for a trailer highlighting the new features

Turbo Update work started

As of last week we have started work on Turbocharging, and work is going well. As well as turbocharging this update will also bring more feedback in the manual testing screen, including schematics showing what part of your engine is failing or holding back power output.

Turbocharging Prototype

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