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Im not happy with Knoppix's version of Linux with his autoformatting tool that you do not know has run until you try using windows. :( I will be leaving this mod up for you guys to compare screenshots so you can see the vast improvements to the gameplay mechanics of my levels.

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I would like to thank my followers for the random tips etc... and the support given during this tough time. Work has started all over again but by looking at the script I can see its gonna be much bigger and lots more action (still without guns). Just check out that sample from the first page in this mods images. Dont forget moddb will have the details for my new mod up in next week or so, Dont forget it will also be called EscAPE but just that, the scientist is dead. Also if anyone wants to help me I will be posting jobs on the main page of the new mods site. This time im gonna do it properly, ive even started a giant 5ftx9ft story board along my bedroom wall which is gonna look cool when finished ill also upload shots of that soon...

Once again thanks to everyone who gave comments (good or bad) and especially to the ones who followed especially you Neclipse youve been very snappy with the replies (as in quick not mean, lol) :D

See you all very soon.

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