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Hey there, the new version of AuroraRL is out! 0.5.0

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Hey there, the new version of AuroraRL is out! 0.5.0

What’s new:

  1. New tutorial – at game start player now can choose an optional tutorial mission in a Solar system
  2. New quests: Heritage and Quarantine
  3. Modding support. Currently modding documentation is available only in russain at
  4. Humanity upgrades – now player can distribute points received for research between 3 branches of humanity development. These branches unlock new ship upgrades, humanity expands into outer space, major changes of life on Earth and much more.

Windows installer (you should better uninstall old version manually if you have it, as installer sometimes fails to perform correct update):
Cross-platform zip version (requires java):

Please report bugs at

Also, check out our official site and a Facebook group

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