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An Open Gameplay, combo system, new fighters and allies, fusion mechanisms, etc. are to be discovered in this Aurion new trailer. It will surely make you want to elevate your gamer fighting spirit.

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Hello Dear Aurionics,

An Open Gameplay, new fighters and allies, fusion mechanisms are to be discovered in this Aurion new trailer. It will certainly make you want to elevate your fighting spirit.

A little longer than the previous one, this video shows some aspects of the gameplay not yet disclosed. We won’t tell you more, it’s now up to you to discover it and be the judge.

As discussed in the trailer,

  • The combat system in real-time is intended to be an Open gameplay it leaves room for intuition and your warrior imagination;
  • Enzo can have 21 aurionic states, each with 3 skills with basic elements but also fusion capabilities. So, we have a hero with at least 63 new techniques;
  • The game is made using our home engine the "Astral Engine": here opponents have AI action games and can even have more synchronized attacks;
  • Erine, Enzo’s wife participates in combat, you can use her for powerful spells to your movements, etc.

Aurion is currently on the Greenlight campaign

If you want to play AURION in the months ahead, you can vote here to make it available.

Any feedback on this Gamer Spirit Design?

See you soon for more information!

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