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A short summary of what I have been working on lately, as well as a prediction for when the next release may be.

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Well, as you may have noticed I have been working on new zombie skins, and HUD icons lately. The new Zombie skin still needs a bit of work, and the HUD icons have a few glitches, but they should be finished very soon. Due to preparation for school starting, progress will be fairly slow for the next couple of weeks however. Once school is back in full-swing I should be able to find time to work on the mod.

The newest thing I have been working on, is a new game mode. This game mode will be somewhat different from the others and I am still working out the fine details, but I will give you a rough idea. In this game mode, the Survivors will have a single Un-Capturable command point, and the Zombies will have the rest of the points in the map (which will also be Un-Capturable). The survivor team will have a very low number of re-spawn tickets and the zombies will have an enormous amount. To win, the survivors must hold out against the zombies for the set amount of time (still un-decided on this amount) and not loose all of their re-reinforcement. The Survivors will have to try to do what ever they can to keep themselves safe, and to win, will need to use teamwork.

I am guessing I will have a new release out in a few weeks, and as it gets closer the amount of new media should increase, as well as the release of a new trailer. I will be releasing a demo video of the new game mode hopefully by the middle of next week.

Well, that's all for now,


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