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The next playtest is now available for ANYONE to access!! The devs have worked nicely to rework the tutorial making it a lot more new player friendly and doing a much better job at teaching the mechanics of the game. Along with this are a nice few new updates which you can find in the patch notes.

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We’re sailing into another Playtest! During our last playtest we showed off the beginnings of the new perk system. This time we’re expanding them further with new perk trees and abilities. Look out gunners, it’s time to refine those skills.

Dig further into the changelog and you’ll notice we’ve added an ability to the shovel. Now you can dig for buried treasure - a requirement for any pirate worth their salt. We’re also introducing the pickaxe! Once you obtain it from the mining perk tree, you can swing into action and maximize your ore harvesting.

We’ve seen a lot of your feedback about our first time player experience. We’ve started work on the new player experience and would like some feedback. Help us test the tutorial by creating a new character and give it a try. Let us know what you think.

If you have a SteamDeck, take the game for a spin on it. We’ve spent time these last few months making sure it plays smoothly. Now you can leave home and still hit the high seas… or just farm a bit while waiting for your plane.

The next preview window for Arcane Waters will open around noon EST on September 14th and run through September 18th. Set sail with us and take our new changes out for a spin.

What's New

  • The intro/tutorial has been getting some love. Try it on a new character!
  • There's pickaxes! Using a pickaxe will yield more ore from veins than other tools or weapons. You can learn the recipe in your perk tree, or purchase one from another player.
  • Shovels are now usable and can be used to dig for common loot. Durability wear on each use. Items can be repaired at the weapon shop anvil.
  • Shovels can be used to dig crops.
  • New Farming Perk Tree.
  • Farming perk for a chance to return seed on harvest.
  • New Perk Tree for Guns. Pew. Pew.
  • Gun Perks: Bonus Damage / Chance to Double Attack / Ricochet Chance.
  • Improved ability casting behavior.
  • Players can 'react' to chat messages.
  • Option to disable pixel effect on screen transition.

User Interface

  • Steam Deck keyboard support for text entry.
  • You'll now see gold rewards on the quest rewards panel.
  • Translation for system messages.
  • Translation for notification messages.
  • Translation for confirmation messages.
  • Fixed bug where items could not be linked into chat.
  • Fix linked blueprint icons in chat.
  • Fixed some weapon icon issues in chat.
  • Fixed perk trees display issues on higher resolutions.
  • Update option layout to support language switching.
  • Adding chat command to switch local channel.
  • Fix issue where some NPC names did not display.
  • Options panel dropdown scroller UI improvements.
  • Improved translations for other panels and notifications.
  • Updated inventory panel to filter out items that are inactive/shows blank to normal players
  • Fixed categorization in inventory tab.
  • Fixed player menu popup coordinates.
  • Fixed bug where equipping rum weapon didn't display rum based abilities in the ability panel.
  • Added warning indicators for combat finish.

Other Fixes

  • Fixed bug where users double attack when spamming ability keys.
  • Battle music bugfix.
  • Pirate boss SFK improvements.
  • Outpost building SFX.
  • Fixed ship boost SFX bugs
  • Updated combat to support abilities that have multiple target effects.
  • Set world map warps to be hidden in some specific situations.
  • Fixed weapon dyes not displaying properly on toolbar.
  • Inventory data fetching improvements.
  • Fixed the 'picking a house' step of the tutorial.
  • Problems with arrows near the toolbar.
  • Buoy now shows properly in the tutorial.
  • Updated rum ability icons.
  • Various map fixes & edits.
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