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Right now we would like some help with our mod. For our mod we would need things such as voice actors. We would really appreciate any help that’s handy.

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We at the 7 tasks development group have a few dilemmas; we have a few jobs that we can’t do. The list below will have all the jobs available and any body who thinks they can help can send us a comment or a private message. We would really appreciate any help.

Anyway here’s our list:

1#: Voice actors are essential for a mod. It is possible to have a mod without voice actors but, the experience is cut down by a load of text. We need voice actors.

2#: Sound guys who can create all sorts of ambience. I can do it but anybody who would be willing to help would be great.

3#: All mods need mappers. The mapper with the group now is a good mapper but other people say they can do better. So if you’d like to work with the mapper and even design the levels feel free to join. Although it isn’t an essential.

4#: It would be nice to have someone who knows how to use face poser. We would like faces to pose in our mod than have someone who just talks without their mouth moving.

5#: If any modellers would like to join that would be great. If you know how to compile a model and/or create one, we would love for you to join.

If you leave a comment I will send you a private message. If anybody else thinks they can help with something else, feel free to tell us.

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