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Brief Descriptions of all the Attributes and Stats in Brunelleschi: Age of Architects.

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Attributes and Stats

"How many Stats are there in the game?"
... a new player might ask. To this there are 2 sets of answers.

The first is that there are 18 Attributes that grow with a player each time they level. These each influence their power to effect the game in different ways and should help you decide what class you want to play.

The second answer is the 6 pools of energy and capacity that shrink and grow with daily play such as Health, Magic, Action points and Importance. These pools include Action Points, Magic Points, Health Points, Experience Points, Importance and Storage.

We'll cover them in the opposite order :D

Every-Day Stats

Health Points (HP)
Your total number of health points is based on your Class and Level. Every class gains HP at it's own rate, but the capacity can be altered with various bonuses throughout the game. Doing dangerous actions, participating in combat and contributing to risky scenarios are all ways to lose health. When your health is completely gone, you die. See the post on Death for details.

Magic Points (MP)
Magic is that special energy inside that lets you cast spells and react to magical situations. Your total MP capacity is determined by your Class and Level but can be altered with bonuses found throughout the game. MP is drained when you use Magical actions, participate in magic scenarios or equip any spells during rounds of combat. When your MP is dry, you can't perform those actions, contribute to those scenarios, or gain use from your equipped spells.

Action Points (AP)
Action points are your ability to get things done in the day. In a way they represent your character's ability to hustle and delegate in the limited number of game-hours in a game-day. You need AP to do almost everything. Make friends, start forum threads/polls, and run your Diplomatic Councils. Market trades do not take Action Points. Your initial capacity is based on Class and Level but there are even more ways to get bonus AP out of the game than Health and Magic.

Experience (XP)
Experience is racked up with every move a character makes. With these points a character gains Level and improves the powers of their chosen character class. All class actions, equippable items and special powers are unlocked with experience and levels.

Importance (Imp)
Importance is something every character tries to hoard in order to gain Rank and the elusive powers that stem from rank. Without Lords hoarding huge stacks of Importance, no large cities or impressive high-rank buildings can be built. Heroes have the option of collecting positive Importance or losing it rapidly to gain negative "infamy" ranks. Importance can be gained in many ways through the game. Many actions provide Importance, but beware. Dishonorable actions can delete large stacks of Importance. Having other player pledge fealty to you will allow you to inherit some of their importance, but if they do dishonorable things your Importance will take damage. Personal bonds such as marriage and Student/teacher allow some Importance transfer. Bonds of Enmity pass Importance inversely, such that their downfall lifts you up and visa versa.

Storage Capacity
This determines how many units of stuff you can hold in your storage. Fortunately, currency is free in this matter. Storage Capacity base is determined by your Might attribute. Equipment, various game bonuses and building ownership can expand your personal storage. Ministers and Sovereigns gain the storage of their Main Buildings, but may be required to donate a portion to the settlement's Shared Storage.

Notes on Storage:

  • When the storage bar 'wraps around itself', that means your storage is overflowing as if you were sitting next to a large pile of extra things you can't carry. If left overflowing too long, you will 'leave behind' all the least valuable things you can to get back down to capacity.
  • Your buildings build out of, and get their upkeep from your personal storage. Likewise any storage from the buildings adds to your personal storage.
  • Your character eats their meals out of your personal storage. After Lvl 50, always hold on to some food or risk starving your character.


Each class type is associated with 3 specific Attributes. All characters have the first 15 attributes, with the highest scores matching those of your class choices. Every attribute had 3 effects: the Character effect, the Sovereign/Minister bonus and the Combat bonus

Lord characters all have "Lord" as their secondary class type and gain access to the last 3 attributes. Only ruler-related positions/tasks/equipment will require the final attributes. Hero characters trying to hold office and run Settlements may find themselves at a slight disadvantage.

Commander Attributes
Provides characters with their base Carry Capacity.
Sovereigns and Ministers will increase the Harvesting in their district(s) based on their Might.
Characters with greater Might will do more physical Damage in battle.
Don is the strongest boy from his neighborhood. Whenever a delivery came in for a local business, they always asked Don to help them unload the crates. When he grew up, all his friends told him he should become a Commander because he had such great Might.


Higher Celerity causes a character to move more quickly, thus the AP cost of actions is lower.
Sovereigns and Ministers provide a Training Speed bonus based on their Celerity.
Characters with high celerity can perform more melee attacks per combat round.
Adelaide claims she can beat anyone in a fist fight. Rumor has it that she can hit an opponent four or five times before they lay a single blow on her. Everyone knows this means she has high Celerity and will be pretty challenging to fight.

Toughness determines the base Health regeneration rate of a character.
Sovereigns and Ministers increase the Security of their district(s) based on Toughness.
Toughness allows characters to resist more Physical Damage.
There was once a man who never got tired no matter how long he worked. Villagers marveled as they saw him perform endless hours of what would usually be back-breaking labor. They praise his incredible Toughness to this day.

Noble Attributes
Charm allows a character to gain more Importance from each action.
A Sovereign or Minister's Charm determines the Income bonus they provide to their district(s).
A Charming character can distract and slow their opponents in combat.
One day a noble lady's carriage was attacked by bandits. When she heard combat she threw the carriage door open and pleaded passionately for common decency from the bandits. They were so Charmed by her that they stopped fighting long enough for the lady's guards to smite them.

A character with high Guile can get better prices in the Market.
The Guile of Sovereigns and Ministers determines their ability to detect Crimes committed in their district(s).
High Guile increases the number of Critical rolls a character receives in combat.
When asked who the most Guileful person is in Old Land, no one could name him. His name is Carlo and he never cheats at anything, which is why no one knows him. He could cheat, and he could win, but he enjoys catching other people cheating more.

A character with great Mettle gains more Experience from Scenarios.
Sovereigns and Ministers who possess Mettle bring a Health bonus to their district(s).
Mettlesome characters are much better at resisting unwanted Magical effects.
Housing Inspector Lisabetta takes her job very seriously. When she heard that one of the Land-lords in her district was forcing Yeomen to live in un-refurbished cottages she visited the scoundrel personally. The land-owner was so impressed by her Mettle that he agreed to build new Houses for the wronged yeomen.

Trader Attributes
Characters capable of Arithmetic get improved profits from their ventures.
Arithmetically gifted Sovereigns and Ministers can impede the completion of illegal actions.
Characters using Arithmetic on the field will achieve more critical hits in ranged attacks.
Nicolosa checked the wind one more time and knew that she was ready. With a full draw (about 200 yds) she could hit anyone coming up over that far ridge (about 195 yds). At three quarters draw ( about 130 yds) she could clean up any that got through. By the time enemy heads began to appear, it was only a matter of counting them off to Nicolosa.

Characters who are skilled at managing themselves will find their personal upkeep reduced.
Production is more efficient in districts ruled over by Sovereigns and Ministers with high Management.
Management ability reduces the upkeep required for personal Units.
Most people buy their bread from the baker in the Central Commons. They know the bread from the High Street baker is better, but the Burgomeister is a terrible Manager and they waste ingredients on thrown-out batches and still run out of bread before noon every day. The Herald on the other hand has fresh loaves going in the ovens clear to sun-down so there's always enough for hungry people getting off of work.

Clever characters with high Acumen figure out how to complete a scenario further with each contribution.
Sovereigns and Ministers with high Acumen experience increased Prosperity in their district(s).
Acumen allows characters to resist Critical Melee attacks.
Jacopo sat on the hill overlooking the Fields for a long time. He knew the locust swarm was a problem and that everyone had to pitch in. He just hated the idea of doing it wrong. The other farmers laughed when Jacopo arrived for his turn fighting the Locusts. No one had ever seen a pesticide-spraying suit before. They weren't laughing when Jacopo was finished, his inventive Acumen had helped him drive out more locusts than many of his neighbors combined.

Clergy Attributes
Characters with great Fervor trigger Scenarios with their actions more often.
Fervor displayed in Sovereigns and Ministers will increase the Faith of those they oversee.
Fervent characters will be able to resist Critical Magic attacks with greater effectiveness.
Gasparo saw the shining magic bolt coming toward him and resisted shutting his eyes against the great brightness. Instead he squared his shoulders and whispered the next part of his prayer. He believed Fervently in the Lord's holy protection.. These pagan tricksters could not take him down with their "magic". The other clergy standing behind him were inspired by Gasparo's belief and their own Faith increased in response.

Deeply Philosophical characters will gain more experience from their actions.
Sovereigns and Ministers with high Philosophy will help the district(s) craft more quickly.
Characters practiced in Philosophy will be able to perform more Magical attacks per combat round.
"Why do we harvest, Father?" was one of the earliest questions Chola remembers asking. She has asked many questions since then, always trying to understand the deepest Philosophical reasons for her actions. Even now, every time she performs a harvest, she tries to grasp more deeply the relationship between man and edible plant

Graceful characters will receive lower penalties from failed Scenarios.
The Importance gained by Citizens taking Actions will be increased if they are ruled by Sovereigns and Ministers with high Grace.
Characters possessing Grace will be able to slow the magical attacks of their opponents.
Cristofo stepped into the ring of the magic competition and his throat went dry. 'Not the Enchantress.....' was all he could allow to run through his mind before activating his protective spells. Her spells were strong, her attacks were as steady as that devastatingly gaze. The ritual words caught in Cristofo's throat and he had difficulty with every spell. Onlookers whispered after the battle that her Grace had been as deadly a weapon as her spell-casting.

Caster Attributes
Highly Reasonable characters will get a greater Attribute bonus from their Equipment.
Reasonable Sovereigns and Ministers will naturally increase the Education happiness of the district(s) they manage.
Characters applying Reason to spell-casting will find their Magical Power increased.
Vittoria recited the spell and went through the motions for the hundred and twelfth time and paused. If she continued the half-circle sweep of her arm another four degrees, she could much more easily transition into the aiming thrust. Another three repetitions and she had pin-pointed the exact turn radius to focus her channeled energy into a deadly bolt. The smoking boots she left behind on the battle field had no time to appreciate how much time and Reason she had applied to her killing move.

Characters with heightened Creativity will enjoy increased Loot from Actions.
Creative Sovereigns and Ministers will help increase construction and upgrade speeds in their district(s).
Characters using creative spell-casting will achieve more Critical Magic rolls in combat.
Peter loves to fish between adventures. His friends marvel at how many fish comes home with each day he goes out. When asked, he explains that he always uses a different kind of bread so the fish never associate one bait with their imminent deaths. The other fishermen admire his Creative approach to fishing.

Judgement helps a character organize their Storage, creating Increased Storage Capacity.
Sovereigns and Ministers exercising good Judgement will reduce the Civil Upkeep cost of their district(s).
Characters with improved Judgement will be able to spot and better resist Ranged Critical attacks.
Paula, a young guard, swept her eyes over the rolling hills outside the wall. She kept her lantern low as she was taught, so as not to blind herself to the dangers she was watching for.... There! A flicker in the northwest, quickly hidden again behind the low hills. Paula was suddenly aware of how exposed she was, with only the low parapets for cover. Quickly she covered her lantern and crouched low, just in time for the first shaft to whiz over her head. Her quick Judgement saved her life.

Lord Attributes
The greater an Orator a Lord is, the lower Pledge Fealty costs will become.
A Sovereign or Minister with high Oratory ability can maintain greater Respect in their district(s).
Characters who are well-spoken lower the MP cost of all Magic they use.
After the assassination of the old Sovereign, the city was in shambles. Meeting after meeting was held between the fearful Ministers. Those that weren't too afraid to take the throne and risk assassination were too ambitious and lacked the support of their fellow Ministers. Finally the Chief Gardener rose and chastized them all for their selfishness and cowardice. He spoke with passion on the righteous attributes of a good Sovereign. The other ministers were so moved by his Oration that they all agreed to swear fealty to him if he would take the position of Sovereign.

Characters with high Influence will lower the cost of recruiting Units into their personal armies.
Influential Sovereigns and Ministers will coax a tax bonus out of their overseen district(s).
Characters with high Influence in battle will provide their armies with an Action Point bonus.
Geoff watched his parents carefully count out their owed taxes. They did this every month, even when Geoff was sure they wouldn't have enough. "Why do we pay taxes" he asked his parents one day.
His mother sat him down explained very seriously "Because our Sovereign is a great woman. She takes care of us, but she can't without the taxes we give her."
"Why can't others pay her taxes? We have so little." said Geoff.
His mother sighed, smiled, and patted her son on the head. "We're lucky to have her as our Sovereign. She is a very great lady and she has always been good to us. That's why we pay the taxes every month."

Characters skilled in Leadership will have increased Maximum Fealty capacity.
Sovereigns and Ministers good at leading people will lower the costs of all buildings in their domains.
Armies with strong Leaders will generate a bonus to their Health in battle.
Jane was exhausted. Surely there were at least three of the enemy for every one of her comrades. She was covered in battlefield gore and the gash in her leg starting to hurt badly. She thought she'd surely fought enough for one soldier, for one day. Jane lifted her eyes at the sound of a great cry. Her Liege lord, banner waving, was valiantly Leading the charge into the next wave of attackers. 'Aw hell..." she thought, full of admiration and renewed vigor. With a battle cry of her own, she raised her sword and charged after her Liege to gut a few more of the invader scum.

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