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For all of the Australians out there so are we. Post a comment here and perhaps we will meet you at the show.

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A little known fact is that our DBolical plans for ModDB, IndieDB and IndieDB originate from Australia. A sunburnt desert full of snakes, spiders and a strong love for mods and indie games! For the Sydneysiders visiting, are you attending EBGames 2015 Expo on this Thursday to Sunday? We are and might be able to find a chance to say hi, as we try out assorted games and some of those fancy VR gadgets.

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It be great to talk to some visitors and pick your brain. We are quietly working away on ModDB/IndieDB v5 (still many months away!) and look forwarding to hearing everyones thoughts about what they like / dislike about the sites right now. Oh and we will also be at PAX in Melbourne next month for those attending it too.

rassmoosen - - 16 comments

I completely forgot about EB expo. Are there even still tickets?

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Kark-Jocke - - 14,824 comments

I liked ModDB how it was once before, when they had ready-made menu that people could use right away. Today you need to insert every HTML tags for things to work.

For example: Before, it was so that you could choose any color you wanted to have on the text. Just easily with the touch of the color, but now you need to write and redo inside the HTML for the color to change.

And what I like least of which has been now is, Tutorials are now together with News, which has now become the Articles. I really liked when they were split, so that people can find tutorials at once.

But it's also part I like that has changed too. When people use wallpaper HTML now on the profil you can see more of the background than we could before and have opportunities to upload larger pictures and video to groups.

There is always something good or bad with new things, and I always look forward to what lies ahead. Continue the good work with the website!

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BioDestroyer - - 2,859 comments

I also don't like the fact they mixed Tutorials with the rest. I can kind of accept News and Features being mixed (just kinda), but I think Tutorials should remain separate.

Maybe if, after we entered Articles, there were 3 big buttons (News, Features and Tutorials) right under the articles' "banner" it would be better, but right now I don't like how they are.

But I'm being patient, they are working on v5, so I will wait to see what the plans are for it and then we'll figure how to keep what we already like of ModDB and improve upon it.

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