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Armageddon Mod at a slight standstill. Not quite sure of what I'd like to add to the mod, thoughts would be much appreciated.

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Well guys, I need to know what to do with my mod. I did add a few things, but I feel as if they are quite boring and/or need further testing. But since no one has replied to my last News post or my email I am kind of at a standstill for this mod. I want to make new weapons and characters and such, but I have NO clue on what to do or add and since I can not program, I'm also very limited on what I can and cannot do. I suck at skinning and modeling so those things are out of the question as well. I've already updated the Aliens since they seemed to be lacking, but I was also thinking about taking away from the Corporates and Marines seeing as how a few of the Vanilla characters were left over. I wanted to replace them with new and fresh characters but I'm all out of ideas for them. So unless people can help me and make it better I'm kind of at a stand still until then.

I have most of the mod made already, which you can find here: as that will give you all an idea as to what the mod is like. But as far as what is added in Beta 0.4 (which will more or less be the final version) is pretty much 2 new Aliens and some changes to their vision as well as new abilities for them. And I believe that is really from what I remember all that is new so far in 0.4 but I do want to add more, I'm just not sure what I can do. Any and I mean ANY ideas are welcome.

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