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Station UI improvements, and lots of generated mission progress.

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In this video I cover a bit of the station UI improvements, allowing for the new persistent logs that are now displayed for many of the services. I also did some mechanics revamp on the refinery. It is now functioning in a way that is much closer to how I wanted it to work.

I plan on getting back into the garage panel as well. I am not really liking it and think I could put that together a bit better. I am also nearing completion of the generated mission descriptions. These are there to provide the 'reason' behind the need for each mission contracts. From revenge , to a wedding snafu, you will now be provided the why to each mission.

In the next couple of weeks, I am focusing on finishing up the last 25 descriptions and moving on to the quest missions, which function completely differently than the generated one. Hope everyone has an awesome holiday, I will be back in a week or so with more to show.

SC90 - - 132 comments

any beta, early access or something?

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momoguru Author
momoguru - - 21 comments

seriously considering an early access, but i really want things solid first so that the early access phase is more bug hunting and balance.

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CrazyCarey - - 4 comments

I understand Just looking forward to it :) by the looks of it it is going to be good.

What are the specs going to be to run it?

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CrazyCarey - - 4 comments

It is looking good, I can not wait until it is ready :) Thank you for your hard work

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