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View our new video update of the development of Astral Terra. Astral Terra is a next gen Sandbox RPG (Minecraft/Dungeons and Dragons hybrid) with dynamic, smooth Voxel worlds. This new update shows off a new working build, RPG elements such as talents, inventory, crafting, spells and combat, building, terrain enhancements and more!

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This is the fourth video update of the development of Astral Terra. Astral Terra is a next gen Sandbox RPG ( Minecraft / Dungeons and Dragons hybrid). Adventurers travel 7 different planes/worlds to seek out treasure, power and resources used to develop their character, survive the dangers of the planes and build whatever the imagination desires. Our world is completely editable and dynamic, similar to Minecraft, but on a next gen smooth terrain system.Astral Terra is in Pre-Alpha phase right now. Please visit us on Steam and vote us up. :)

Dejected-Angel - - 1,366 comments


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DA_Stormy - - 54 comments

Well colour me impressed. That water system is delicious. Can you change the size of the cube to insert surfaces? Seems like it should be an option.

If it weren't for the high fantasy setting this would be the perfect successor to Wurm Online that my prepubescent mind would have destroyed itself on.

Any chance of opening this to a bit of low level modding?

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tethysinteractive Author
tethysinteractive - - 8 comments

Haha Stormy - what a great character! You indeed can change the size of the cube, and even the shape. We're working on fine tuning this and actually giving the player a set of controls (we had them in the video before this one). Regarding modding - it could be an option we can look at. Right now, a similar idea we are working on is integrating Steam Workshop to let players create their own building prefabs in Maya, 3ds Max, Blender, etc... and then share/sell them on the Steam Workshop for others to use in their world. Gratitude for your interest Stormy!

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animastudio50 - - 70 comments

Seems interesting game the character costumization will improve or just have base models to choose them? This building blocks also interesting and seems nice. Can we make settlements in this game with npc characters whom randomly come by time? This game have potentials so keep this good work!

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tethysinteractive Author
tethysinteractive - - 8 comments

Greetings! It is indeed our goal to work in a system where if the user builds certain structures, new NPC's will move in and eventually you would have a settlement (you also need to protect or build defenses for these NPC's).

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