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The Tech Lab is well under way.

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Hello everyone.
I would like to take a moment to tell you about the Development of the game, and the direction we are going.. First of all I would like to say, the Assault Knights Tech Lab is well under way, And is being developed for the next demo, and should be completely implimented by then.

The techlab will be where players can create customised, Mechs, Vehicles, Tanks, and other weapon loadouts for the units.. This will give players the ability to be able to buy new weapons, and mechs to play with in multiplayer.. Useing what we call AC, Or Assault Credits..

AC will be gained by playing multiplayer games, online, The more AC you gain the more you will be able to spend on buying mechs, and other vehicles, ect.. You will also be able to buy new weapons, to be put on your mechs, and vehicles inside the Tech Lab too, and use them online against other players..

The techlab will be simular to Mech Warrior's Mech Lab, but instead of only being able to customise mechs, you will be able to customise all units in the game, Giveing you the ability to create all kinds of custom war machines, ect.. Then spawn them in the New Bay on any map, All this and more will be in the new up and comeing game demo do out in just a short time, So please stay tuned..

Thank you..

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