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This is the newest & Hottest PSP/Quake Mod. It's 100% made up, so enjoy the new thrills of an undiscovered game! Any questions can be answered by E-mail.

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Your names Carth, your an undercover Spy/Assassin highered by a sketchy
corporate buisness owner, ordered to assassin those who get in his way. Hes
never less known as Leon. After your last objective to kill one of Leon's employers
Leon, had betrayed you, because he no longer needed you. His Agent's were sent to
hunt down and kill you. Your anger grows as you want revenge. Your stranded at your
last Objected area and are on a hunt to seek Leon's Death.From here, its up to you
to hunt down and kill Leon before he does the same to you. The outcome could be
violent, so prepare for one hell of a
fight... An good luck.

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