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First of all, big thanks to everyone who voted for us on Steam Greenlight. I am super happy about From Earth being accepted. I can't wait to get the game out there for all you people.

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6 December 2014 - Asi pos Ruumste

First of all, big thanks to everyone who voted for us on Steam Greenlight. I am super happy about From Earth being accepted. I can't wait to get the game out there for all you people.

Things have been pretty great since we put the game on Greenlight. We found a voice actor for almost all of the major roles. Some of them are still open, so if you are still interested in the project, send your demo reel or other examples of previous work our way. Most of the roles also require a bit of a range, so if your demo reel doesn't include more dramatic scenes and more action oriented scenes, I will probably ask you to record some examples.

We have already recorded a bunch of the gameplay related dialogue. Biggest challenge has been the dialogue for the alien language system. Our voice actor for Zenaida, Phanie Nixon, did a fantastic job going through all of the hard to pronounce words.

(A lot of the dialogue is still placeholder)

Not only is the language difficult to pronounce, but because of how the language system works, all of the words used by the language system had to be recorded in a specific way. The words can be spoken in a lot of different orders, so they have to be recorded with a smooth beginning and ending. If the word starts with sharp sounds they won't sound natural when played in succession. We had to spend a lot of time making sure all the words were being spoken at the same speed and volume.

I am not sure if it's possible to have all the voice files in such a way that the speech sounds completely natural, but this is also something I feel I can overlook as I like the system so much.

Joseph P. Bracken has also recorded all of the dialogue for the male aliens. It took a while to get through all of it, but he did a great job and it's great to play the game with all of it in place. Dianna Conley also joined as a voice actress for one of the major characters. I am very excited for what's coming up for the project.

Looking for help

If you are interested in applying, you can send me a message on Moddb, Twitter, Facebook, or e-mail me at

Sound Designer
We are looking for a talented sound designer to create custom sounds for all the alien and human technology.

Voice actors and actresses
There are still some roles open if you are interested.

The aliens will be speaking an alien language specifically designed for this mod. Their dialogue is partly already written and ready for recording. Examples will be provided if you are interested.

We are interested in getting any help we can get, especially world texture creators and prop modellers. We are specially in need of world texture creators, including creating HDR skybox creatures for the Source Engine. If you are not interested joining the team for a longer time you can also do smaller one time contributions.


Hopefully the language will be easier to learn than klingon haha. It doesn't sound as guttural at least. Quapla' !

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First of all, this looks like one incredible game and I think it will turn out great and I look forward to playing it. But I have to ask, when you select the different parts of the language and then pronounce it. It sounds, in all honesty, pretty bad due to the jumping of audio files. It's like in the ARMA games when they say the coordinates, and it didn't sound good there either.
Is this something that's being worked on or is it something the players just have to accept?

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Au-heppa Author

This is still something that is being worked on.

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