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Showcase of new animations for Ascend, coming soon!

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Hello guys! I'm Ken Neth, and I'm here to update you guys on Ascends new animations that we hope to implement in time for our public Alpha test. These are still 1st pass completed animations that we have not seen it in action within the game, so there will be some changes to it once it get implemented and iteration will be done depending on how it looks in-game.

One thing we've come across when doing the idle poses for the different weapons are that we created separate hand poses for each weapons individually. This got us thinking that it might not be very resource friendly to have that many cycles for all the different weapons. Therefore, we will be in the near future, look into setting up a system that automates this in-game, giving us the freedom to only use a few idle animation pose for the different weapons groups(2 handed, 1 handed, heavy etc etc).

For our reload animation, we're still trying to work out a way to animate the magazines of the weapons so it looks more convincing instead of grabbing thin air.

Hope you guys enjoy it! Please let us know what you think of it. Cheers!

We've added the ability of ground slam in one of our latest build. For the slam, we broke it into 3 parts for the entire slam process to compensate for the different distance the player will travel depending on how high they are in the air. We'll be looking into stretching the kick pose with the amount of time it takes to reach the ground in code, however, that is still WIP. The end result might be different after some testing.


Shotgun reload is tricky as they reload each shell individually. We are still in the midst of working that out in code, so it would only play the central reload loop depending on the amount of shells needed and not the entire clip for each shell.





The climb and wallhang animation have gone through a few iterations as they have already been tested in-game. or wallhang was previously facing towards the opposite side, which doesn't quite make sense to be looking at the wall while hanging mid gun-fight. LOL!



Nice work guys! I'm looking forward to the public alpha :)

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