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This is a short article created as an online Support for ASA: A Space Adventure, in case you can't run the game correctly.

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The following might help you run ASA: A Space Adventure if you have an error message. (These steps are optional, and ASA should run on several PCs without them.)

1/ Before buying ASA, you can try the Demo to see if you like the genre, and if it runs correctly on your PC.

You can get the playable Demo here :

2/ If you have an error with the Demo OR the Full release, read the text file "Questions and Answers" on the various issues you can meet.

This text file is called "Troubleshootings" and is distributed with the Full release, or on the ASA homepage, here :

3/ After buying ASA. Please be sure that you installed the Patch 1.2 available in the Downloads Section of ASA on Desura :

- Download the full game ASA Standalone from Desura and copy it to the folder of your choice (no install is required with the Standalone version)
- Download the Patch 1.2 and install it anywhere you want ! This is a DLL update for the system on newest Windows version, that don't use anymore some of the old system files required by ASA.
- Play the game.

4/ This is a list of other possibilities, in case your issue is not solved with the previous suggestions :

- Try with the "Vista Patch", whatever your version of Windows is.

- Make sure you didn't install one of the older patches available from the homepage on your Standalone version (example : the patch 1.1). These older patches are for people who purchased the ASA installer version (with manual installation of the game). If you installed one of these patches on the ASA Standalone version from Desura, then you need to delete ASA, and redownload it from Desura.

- If you get an error in the game that the patch 1.2 didn't solve, you can try the following :
Go to the ASA folder, and to the Bin subfolder. Search for Main.EXE and run it as administrator (right click on it, and choose "Run as administrator")
Then, try running the game in 16-bits colors instead of the usual 32-bits colors. This is because ASA is using some old Visual Basic coding, because of the software it is made with : Adventure Maker.

To run ASA in 16 bits :

- On Win8 : right click on Main.EXE (in the Bin subfolder of the game), then choose properties. In the Compatibility Tab, look for Parameters/lower color mode (or equivalent translation). Check this option and choose 16 bits.

- With other Windows versions : go to the Windows Control Panel. Search for the Display properties (= where you can choose the Screen resolution : 1024x768, 1280x720, 1440x900, etc...). Here you can change the colors from 32 bits to 16 bits.

Changing the color mode will prevent various bugs, like the one on Kepler with the fire tongs that returned a runtime error "Main.EXE stopped working".
Once you pass this error, you should have no problem playing in 32-bits again, but make sure you save often to avoid troubles !

5/ If you have troubles installing the Italian or the French patch :

- Download ASA and copy it to your favourite drive.
- Download the translation patch (for italian people only... because the french patch is provided with the game).
- Double-click on the translation patch. Extract it to ANY folder BUT another one than the game folder.
- Go to the folder where you extracted the patch. You should find inside various files, like a Bin folder including other subfolders : Frames, FramesData...
- Select all the files, right-click on them and choose "Copy"
- Go to the folder with the ASA full game
- "Paste" here all the files from the patch. You will be asked if you want to replace the existing files. Chose Yes all the time.
- You should now have the possibility to play ASA in Italian or French. Be careful though : this will totally remove the english version of the game. Also note that the Main menu will still be in english.

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