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Plans for Arx Insanity continue for October 30th, a demo will be released featuring 5 levels from the game, also including the full modifications from this first part of the game. The full version has been postponed until further notice. You can read more and the full note in the article...

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A note from Pedro:

First of all, plans for Arx Insanity continue for October 30th, a demo will be released featuring 5 levels from the game, also including the full modifications from this first part of the game. The full version has been postponed until further notice.

The coronavirus pandemic situation is very difficult for all of us, from financing, time and difficulties. Even with the maximum efforts, it was really hardcore, I lost my job and now there is a lack of one, money, time, modding work overload and health problems, all of this affected the development schedule.

As the project founder, I'm in charge of 90% of the work, I worked up to 16 hours daily during this pandemic but my health became bad, this added to the current difficulties, no one expected the current world situation to spread even further. I tried to reduce the hours of work keeping the intensity but my health worsened even more. The mod continues to develop daily but at a slower pace due to this reason, much of the progress has already been made at this rhythm, fortunately.

All those who supported the project in small donations, you have helped lighten the electricity costs of developing the mod and I thank you a lot. Same for the discord server boosts, thanks to them you have better services now. All those contributions will receive thanks via email, a pack with some exclusive items for the demo, as well as receiving something called "Exosta traveler pack" on the final release date, in appreciation. Check your emails in october 30th.

A final release date can't be announced yet due to the current situation, although it would be a few more months at the most, perhaps 3 or 4 months depending in how development progresses. The full game will be announced when it's fully finished, polished and ready to drop, we want to give love and a good experience for all of you, most of the assets are already done, just taking this decision due to the situation and to deliver the mod in the best conditions, we are adding and fixing huge modifications that are complicated and require time, a hotfix and polishing finished assets.

We're receiving bugs to fix from vanilla in addition to very interesting requests ready to be made, all contributions make the project better, thanks for all your reports, suggestions and ideas!.

The team wish you the best, we hope you are well during this difficult situation and once again, thank you very much for all your support and all apologies for this sudden announcement, I've been crunching hard to release the final mod as soon as I can within my possibilities, once again, a sincere and great apology and thanks for all your support.

As a small additional announcement:

We'll do a live streaming for the Arx Insanity demo in october 23th at 14:00hrs (ET), via our discord server, you can join the Arx Insanity community here.


Hello everyone, as you will know a few days ago the 20th anniversary of Arkane Studios was celebrated, Arx Insanity wishes the best to our favorite developer and for this, we celebrate these 20 years with 20 images from the mod, in addition to giving some information about the current state of development.

Click here to read the complete article and see the screenshots.

insanity ark20 multiple

trailer release


Finally, I'm happy to announce the Arx Insanity release date, after 6 years of development the mod is in a final state and it's getting solid, so the date is close and the mod will be released on OCTOBER 30TH 2020, starting with a beta release!.

Development is intense and day to day the mod is being improved and approaching the conclusion, the long wait is almost over.

Plus, to commemorate the release date announcement, a first trailer for Arx Insanity is now released!, you can watch it in the link below:


So very awesome.....Thanks for all your work and labor of love for this game !

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Pedro_Ordaz Author

Hello thatwilldo, thanks to you for supporting this project for so long, I really appreciate it :)

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Your dedication to this game is second to none !
Can't wait to play your overhaul,but watch your health, no game deserves risking your life.


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Pedro_Ordaz Author

Thank you very much Nicopathe, yes I realized that, working daily at a slower pace, but completing the project day to day

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Thank you for all your hard work. A bit more extra wait time won't kill us!

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Take your time mate, we know how hard is the coronavirus and how it is affecting all the videogame industry and fu*** up studios, get well soon and take care of your health, it's primordial. Can't wait for the demo and return to Arx finally with your mod

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Pedro_Ordaz Author

Thank you Reveriel, for your kind of words and wishes, I hope you'll like the demo

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