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It's not our fault for taking so long, we were taken prisoner by radioactive monkeys.

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On April 1st I defied the April Fools jokes and released the best 3D artillery-based strategy game ever created. One day later I was abducted by a team of elite radioactive monkeys armed with laser whistles. I couldn't really tell how the lasers worked with the whistle part, but every time they blew those whistles it made the most shrill sound and my ears bled. I managed to barely escape by tricking them into thinking my bottle of iodine was a cluster of bananas. Stripped of their radioactive powers by the radiation-cleansing iodine, I was able to defeat them in hand-to-hand combat and make my retreat through the jungle. This is all a true story, by the way.

Digitanks Artillery Update Screenshots Digitanks Artillery Update Screenshots

Anyhow I'm back now and lots of work has been done. The Digitanks Artillery Update is now available for download and purchase on Desura for the low, low price of [ppbranchg12768smartprice].


If you've purchased Digitanks before, you should be able to download the update and play immediately. A demo for the new version is also now available through Desura. Enjoy!


Yes! Thanks for fighting the good fight against those damn radioactive monkeys. They sure can be a pain in the *** sometimes.

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what's the sysreq?
And more importantly why $13? would $10 or $15 be too unoriginal?

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Vino Author

System Requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7

You can play it. You might have to turn settings down a bit if your computer is old but you'll be able to play it.

The price comes from my playtesting. Testers generally thought the game should be between 10 and 15 bucks, I thought 12.99 was a good tradeoff between 10 and 15. If it's still too pricey for you there's a discount code after you play the demo. :)

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