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The Artillery Update demo is now live! Artillery-based strategy gaming has never been so great. I know - I invented it.

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The demo for the Artillery Update is now live. Go to the "Downloads" section to try it out.

The game is now available for purchase on the website:

Digitanks Artillery Update Screenshots

Here's a fairly exhaustive list of changes in the new update:

Graphics Overhaul - Updated graphics and a completely new look.
14 New Weapons - For a total of 14 weapons, since the one and only weapon in the previous version is gone. Ram enemy tanks, rain ICBMs on
their heads, or fly a camera-guided missile into their bore holes.
Smarter AI - You will regret inciting the ire of the Master Intelligence Unit.
Reinvented Artillery Mode - If you don’t find it entertaining then you should see a priest; you may not have a soul.
Four New Terrain Types - Holes to fall in, Lava to burn in, Trees to hide in, Interference to suck your enemy’s shields after you trick them into trying to cross it.
Hotseat Multiplayer - Digitanks will be the life of your party now that you and your friends can take turns subjecting each other to explosive charges.
Special “Airstrike” Attack - This new powerup type is an hail of destruction anywhere on the level.
Strategy Mode Expansions - Grid bugs, MCPs, Rogue cloaking, Resistor Fragmentation Rays, Download Grid rework, and tons of other tweaks.
5 New Levels - Specially designed for maximum funnage. New user-created levels can also be easily added to the game.
Old Hardware Compatibility - We won’t guarantee that it will run fast, but it will run on your 4 year old Netbook.
Bunch Of Other Stuff - You’ll never know what if you don’t play the game.

Digitanks Artillery Update Screenshots

In the coming months we will be adding a campaign to the game. I can't talk much about that right now but work on that is already under way and I'm very excited about it.


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