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Today we have the second update in 2010. We want to introduce our first map made for Singleplayer and some new tanks and artillery for the 3.1

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Welcome to another update of BF1918. At first we want offer you a new model of our " Adopt a model" program. Last week we showed the Mark I 9.2 inch Howitzer, that was immediatly adopted. Today we want to offer another artillery. Its the Schneider Canon de 105 L Mle 1913 TR. Its a french canon, which was used also by Italy and Russia during the first world war. An excellent canon that will support our allied forces. It still needs an unwrap and texture. So freelancer who wants to get this nice model in their portfolio, just send a privat message to

Canon de 105 L Mle 1913 TR

( for a detailed image just click them ;) )

Beside that we want to show you some finished artillery and canons that will support our new nations.

15cm artillery M.14
9cm mortar M.14

The heavy K.u.K.-artillery M.14 was the most used artillery by the austrian troops. Also the light version of the
9 cm mortar M.14., was used by the central powers.

Mark VIII (summer)
Schneider CA1

Last week we showed you the Mark VIII with a snow texture. But as soon summer will be back again, our texturer Kr├Ątzer also made a new summer skin.
The next tank is the "Schneider CA1" it was the first tank produced in high numbers. The french High Command though to crack the german lines with this tank, but they failed to do. The Schneider CA1 had some construction failures and was an easy target for the german defenders. So the Schneider got the nickname "rolling crematory"

The tank was used by France and Italy

Last but not least we want to show you our first new Singleplayermap, designed by Cicero and Botsupport added by JackONeill.



The Map Tolmezzo: Austrian and german troops advanced in the north of Italy. The italian lines collapsed and soldiers retreated. Just near the town of Tolmezzo the italian High Command was able to stop the retreat and create new defense.
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