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The latest update of Drovoid brings ship design to a new level: create articulated ships that have the ability to split into several smaller ships!

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Articulated ships are not only a lot of fun to play with, but they allow for very interesting designs that can split into multiple smaller ships. This is a major feature that required to revise some parts of the engine code, but it was well worth it :-)

Here is the trailer video for articulated ships:

The update introduces a new module, called FlexHinge, available at Level 4. When placed in between two ship parts it becomes an articulated hinge. Only two parts can be connected in this way (three or more will not produce an hinge).If the module is switched off - for instance using If_PowerOff - the hinge disappears, freeing both connected parts.

The demo is updated; if you explore space you'll find new articulated enemies! FlexHinge is not available in the demo which is limited to level 3.


The update also introduces several features and improvements. Among them, a new PvP battle mode for the server. In this mode, the players appear inside a ring of asteroids with a gate at level 5 and 25000 MU. There is a twist: if a ship exits the ring of asteroids it will be subject to heavy radiations and will take severe damage. So, destroying your enemy can be done in more than one way!

If you enjoy Drovoid and would like to encourage its development please consider buying the alpha.

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