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Article #2 of Ultimate Neon Games. Recent stuff n' such :3

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Hi guys! We've been up to a lot of things recently, like uploading all of our games we made. One of them was Platformer. It's a 2.5D platformer where you just jump on blocks it only has 5 levels. Another game was Adventurer. I do not recommend you check it out. It has the best graphics we've had in a game but the worst gameplay. Random things happen, like you go through a maze, you flip around, and it has a horrible ending. We also uploaded Trouble in the City. It will be coming out April, not February. That way we can add more stuff!

Trouble in the City Development:

So far we have 2 and half of the jobs done. One of them is a car level where you drive to the finish line. Another one is when you go in a computer to fix it, and the last one is answering questions which is the one we are still working on.

So... anyway hope this gets you up to date to what we've been doing. Bye!

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