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Well, since it's been over 2 weeks since this mod started, I thought I'd give you guys some info.

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First of all, I'd like to say that I really appreciate the feedback from everyone, even the negative feedback (Besides people that say that the mod is pointless). If you guys keep giving me feedback, I'll try my best to satisfy everybody, but without going in a new direction with the main idea of the mod. I honestly will try to make overgrown versions of the maps after I complete the original maps, but I can't promise that it will look good, as I have never made an overgrown map before.

Also, you may have noticed that the two pictures of "new" content, have been removed, but this does not mean that they won't be included in a variation of the mod. It only means that, for now, I'm sticking to a "true" remake, with the same intentions that Portal 1 had. Also, I won't be making all of the maps in order, and if you want to see my progress of each chamber, just go to the summary of the mod. But even though I won't be making the maps in order, they will be played in order, so don't worry.

So, even though I really enjoy your feedback, and I really like making these maps, after this weekend, I won't update until after June 10th. The reason? I'm still a sophomore in high school, and school ends in a few weeks. This means two things, I need to get my grades up really quick, and exams. So while I'm studying and doing extra credit, you guys will just have to wait a bit. Who knows though? I may take a few extra weeks off of updating, and come back with a big media release!

So, with all that said, I'm really liking the progress of the mod, and the amount of attention it's gotten in just two weeks, hope to get updates out soon!


dose it have the GLaDOS speech in it?

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yohoat9 Author

Yes it does :)

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