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This is a news post for Quartered War, an update about what I plan to do.

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Hey Guys, I appreciate everyone who has taken the time out of their life just to look at my mod, it's made me a happy dude people still care about Yuri's Revenge or are just curious enough to see my work.

Anywho! Currently, I am working on all the art for the factions, that includes the buildings, cameos, sidebar, pause screen, load screen etc.
I enjoy making this mod, and hopefully I will get a demo out ASAP, it will probably only include one side, but it's better than waiting eh?

So this is like a little notepad to me, so I'll just mention that I'm not good at mapping, but I want to hopefully get some help once I finish the gameplay, because I'd like to make a campaign based on my mods story!
I will try to update you guys ASAP, but please understand that I am human, and I do live my own life aswell as exams and my currently waiting to get into college, so I might have a couple months rest, but I plan to come back every so often.

I don't think I'll ever let this mod die, because this is a project I want to complete, whether it takes days, months, years, I want to finish it - for you and for me.
I hope you guys enjoy the updates that'll be coming up, I'll try to get as many in as possible. :P
Lastly, a little info if you're interested in the how the factions work.

Marie Ed will rely on solar/lunar power and animals.
ToXiC will (obviously) rely on acidic technology, including desolation and dissolving weapons.
CLiPPER are the most technilogical advanced faction here, mostly to do with the American Army, similar to Allies.
XEON are a war torn country, expect low tech buildings and stolen technology from the other factions.

Okay guys, stay tuned!!! :)

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