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So, I do the bulk of the visual work, such as GUI, some card art, 3D modelling, animations, most visual design, etc... on an upcoming TCG MMORPG, titled TerraForge. Personally I find that doing so many things at one time makes it tricky to keep focused and find a sense of direction (if that makes sense). In addition, I find it's sometimes tricky to find inspiration in all the chaos. So... to help get the gears running, I decided to do a portrait sketch of the other half of our little operation, our lead programmer.

So a little background about our lead programmer, he's half Polish, half Cuban. That about wraps it up. Anyways, the intent of this little exercise was to get some painterly practice and sharpen the skills. A little note, I don't have a background in art, game design, or anything of the sort. I have a Master's in Engineering... and not Computer Engineering. An illustration that was intended to serve as a portrait study quickly turned into some twisted sci-fi fantasy laser beam parody. This is why I decided to post it here, hopefully some of you will find this as amusing as I did.

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