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In the third part of our development journal, we wanted to talk about different enemy types in the world of Ars Notoria.

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Hey everyone!

In the third part of our development journal, we wanted to talk about different enemy types in the world of Ars Notoria. The region’s territories are plagued by the Enthralled, magic-infused creatures formed by corrupted shards of spiritual energy. There are various types of these creatures that players will encounter while exploring the region and progressing through quest lines.


This is the most widespread type of creature that roams the kingdom’s territories. Wild animals can become afflicted by the corrupted energy and obtain new elemental powers. They also usually grow in size and become stronger, faster, and tougher than their normal counterparts.

Depending on the elemental type of the corruption, the Enthralled can possess different magic abilities. Soul Hunters, whose main task is to protect the kingdom from the Enthralled threat, are capable of seeing the spiritual auras of the corrupted creatures and determining the type of their magic powers. This allows Hunters to prepare countermeasures against specific elemental abilities and fight against Enthralled monsters efficiently.

There are six main elemental variations that can be found in the creatures inhabiting the region: Fire, Frost, Poison, Lightning, Holy, and Chaos. These elements form three pairs of opposing elements that make it possible to exploit the elemental weaknesses of the opponents. The Fire element can be used to fight against Frost-type enemies and vice versa, Poison against Lightning, and Holy against Chaos.


Aberrations are more dangerous variations of the Enthralled creatures. They were corrupted for longer periods of time (typically multiple years) and became heavily mutated. These beasts grow significantly bigger than common Enthralled, can have multiple elemental abilities, and pose a greater threat to the residents of the region. Only skilled Soul Hunters can stand their ground against Aberrations and defeat them in combat.

Just like other Enthralled, Aberrations develop from various creatures that become afflicted by spiritual corruption. For example, it can be a spider or some insect lurking in the depths of the caves that grew to enormous sizes, and whose appearance was altered considerably due to the mutation.


Therianthropes are humanoid creatures that develop from the Enthralled and were corrupted for decades or even centuries. Examples of such monsters include Aroanthropes or Wererats, Lycanthropes or Werewolves, and Arkanthropes or Werebears. All of them are very deadly and much more cunning than normal Enthralled enemies.

Unlike other corrupted creatures, Therianthropes prefer to avoid confrontations with humans and tend to stay away from settlements. They usually hide in dungeon depths and leave their lairs only to prey on vulnerable targets.


Another threat that appeared in the region with the Enthralled blight is Undead. Ancient warriors were raised from the dead by the corrupted spiritual energy and are ready to fight once again. They can be found in various dungeons, crypts, ossuaries, and graveyards throughout the kingdom. Empowered by elemental magic, they provide a significant challenge to Soul Hunters.

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