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Development Dairy #1 - Talking about some updates and bug fixes.

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Hello welcome to Aroti's first development Dairy.

I have a few updates and TONS of bug fixes

Bug Fixes
- Rats in "Redwood" Cave no longer respawn
- Scorpion will now disappear
- Refuge Guard will now disappear
- Tons of Spelling & Grammar Errors Fixed
- Tons of Overlapping Text Fixed
- An Item shop was left out, but now finally added.

Known Bugs
- Battle Tutorial is old, will be making one soon
[ If any more bug are found feel free to message me ]

- Added more Weapons, Armor, Items, Etc.
- Balanced enemies/characters
- A new DEMO will be release as soon as the known bugs are fixed.
- 3+ Hours Gameplay

Those are just minor and small updates nothing to big, but I thought I might as well keep a small diary of the game's progression.

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