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Arnor,the great northern realm of men in the third age.Ruled by the heirs of Isildur .

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As you can guess by some ingame shots Arnor will be playable in the mod.the work on them has been little since all i have done to them is make the campaign arnor fraction playable and i added a few heroes from other fractions.

Here are there heroes

level 1=enables banner carriers to be built
level 4=summons 2 Rhudaur guards
level 6=enables the training of Rhudaur Watchmen

level 1=mounts\dismounts
level 3=the selected units are equipped with the swords of the westernesse which gives them extra damage against undead units and heroes
level 5=enables the training of
Arthedain guards

level 1=leadership bonus
level 3=summons 2 Palantíri guards
level 5=enables the training of Amon Sul Watchmen
level 7= destroys his Palantíri

level 1=toggle weapon
level 3=leadership bonus to Dúnedain rangers
level 5=enables the training of Cardolan wardens

Here are there buildings in the castle
Barracks=trains soilders,pikemen,archers,Cardolan wardens,Arthedain guards,Rhudaur Watchmen and Amon Sul Watchmen
Stables=trains Dúnedain knights and Mounted Rangers
Blacksmith=Produces upgrades and resources
market=produces resources

Here are there outpost buildings.

Imladris Camp=Trains Imladris warriors and arhcers.also it recruits elrond and Glorfindel
Gondor Camp=trains gondor warriors,pikemen and also recruits Earnur with a new skillset.
level 1=mount
level 3=summons gondor tower guards
level 5=damage boost

just tell me if you want arnor in all skirmish maps or just arnor and angmar related maps

ThorinsNemesis - - 787 comments

No mod I know of (except the RJ, but it's dead) has a fully playable Arnor faction. So Arnor should be in all skirmish maps IMO.

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Puvy - - 3,669 comments

My mod has fully playable arnor.I took few buildings from RJ

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