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TehBoss describes the new map for Operation Market Garden!

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Arnhem is a pretty big map, at the center of the action, is Highway 69, and Central Arnhem. Highway 69 and the Arnhem Bridge are the most important control point on the map. The bridge gives the British a paratroop drop across the bridge. And Highway 69 gives the allies 3 Halftracks, which will be very usefull for capping territories quickly, and clearing out the roads of Arnhem. The Germans start in the outskirts of East Arnhem. They start with a light attack force. A Hanomag, Panzer IV, and a Tiger. Whereas the Allies get 3 Shermans, and 3 Halftracks, right at the beginning.

For the Germans to win, they must make a mad dash to take Central and Eastern Arnhem before their tickets bleed out. To start an allied ticket bleed, the Germans must continue their mad dash, and quickly cap Highway 69, and the Bridge. Once the Germans capture the bridge, the allies are stuck at their HQ, and are forced to make attrition attacks against the bridge.

For the Britis to win, they must fanaticly hold Highway 69 and Cenral Arnhem for the entire course of the game until the Germans bleed out of tickets. The Allies start with 3 Sharmans at their HQ. No tanks spawn outside of the untakeble points, so if you want more tank, then spawn at the HQ and wait for them to respawn. I reccomend using 2 Shermans against the Tiger, while you leave the remaining Sherman to defend. Use Shermans and Bazooka troops in cooperation with each other, Bazookas can be used as mobile defence for the Shermans, at any time you're in a tank battle, move up the bazooas, and retreat the Shermans for repair.

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