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We decided to abandon support for top-down view as it would allow us to make more interesting levels. Check out the article for some cool video!

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Hey Folks!

Andrey from FoxForceGames here.

Till today the game used to have two camera modes: top-down view and third person view. Top down view was more convinient for casual mobile players. But it heavily restricted many aspects of the game, most important of which is probably the design of game levels.

Since player could have been playing with top-down camera, we couldn't make rooms with ceilings or levels that consist of several floors.

Also when we were testing multiplayer gameplay it became obvious that the player with top-down view camera is an easy target for those who play with third-person camera. The second always sees his enemy from far away and have extra time to win.

So, finally we decided to abandon the ability to switch to the top-down view camera.

Our main benefit are more interesting levels. Check out the short video:

And here's the video of making of one of new levels:

To make the third-person camera mode more convinient for mobile users autoaiming and autoshooting were added. Also, the pitch of the camera is locked for mobiles by default but could be enabled in the options for more advanced users.

For PC version we now have standard third-person camera with 360 ( well, almost:) ) degrees mouse look.


As always, I thank you for the attention and wish you to have a great day!

Andrey from FoxForceGames.

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