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Some changelog about the latest Armor Rush. Welcome to discuss in Discord: Yuy9z3R.

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Global Update:
1: Add new Opening video.
2: New TENKEI style game UI.


3: Various special effects and sound effects adjustments.
4: Now capture 7 Veterancy Tech Structure will give Elite Level to unit, 9 will give Heroic Level to unit.
5: Gun(Damage type) take no damage about T2 and T3 Naval unit.
6: Weaken most of the wave effects, fix issues that waves will submerge the world at low camera angle.
7: Modify the visual effect of tank maingun. Tank maingun will not scatter when attacking buildings.
8: Add new PRISM Damage type.
9: Increase naval yard construction area from expansion structrue (like allied miners).
10: Now Oil Derrick can get Veterancy over time.
11: Add High Definition shadows.

1: Multigunner Turret health +33%,get +25% extra damage from cannon, auto-cannon, tesla, spectrum and prism damage type.
2: Javelin Soldier will aim with laser when using Laser-Guided Mode.
3: Decrease damage of Destroyer's AA while increase damage of Aircraft Carrier's AA, grant anti-infantry ability to these AA machine guns.
3.5: Destroyer's machine gun cannot fire now when using Black Hole Armor.
4: IFV and Multigunner Turret start using Repair Beam with an engineer inside.
5: Laser of Athena Cannon's special ability changes color to purple.
6: Now Tanya has a modified model.
7: Increase DPS of Prism Legionnaire, add new visual effect for his special ability.
8: Add new structrue Orbital Uplink Center for The Allied, it has special ability on spell bar which can open ageis shield for Athena Cannon and itself.
9: Ageis shield has additional visual effect now.


10: Spectrum Tower has new upgrade to become Prism Tower.
11: New Transport 'Grey Hawk Helicopter' added in Allied Airfield.
12: Destroyer's anti-sub drone now deals more damage to Yari Mini-Sub but less damage to Akula.

Hawk Eye:
1: Plasma Fire has smaller effect radius but deals more damage.
2: Azur Platform price increases to 2700. Its shield has more volume and is able to block damage from orbital drops, but it's cooldown time increases.
2. 5:Woodpecker Drone increases its damage, reduces its effect radius.It takes less effect from Aerial Supremacy upgrade.
3: The Phantom of Skyfarer Tank ability has more hitpoint, becomes immune to Toxin and takes more damage from Tesla and Radiation.
4: Increase 10% damage of spectrum cannon of Apollo-C Fighter.
5: Valkyrie has Voice now, it takes less damage and has more hitpoint.
6: Plasma Bomb of Millennium Bomber has new model.
7: Add new structrue Air Command Center for The Hawk Eye.
8: The Hydrofoil of Hawk Eye becomes more expansive.

1: Increase price of NEMESIS Max Clearance, reduce build time of NEMESIS Defense Bureau, reduce price of Poseidon Mothership.
2: The prerequisite of Hephaestus Tank Destroyer are now Heightened Clearance, Defense Bureau and Control Center, its price increases and performance decreases.
3: The prerequisite of Ares FAV is now Max Clearance, its attack range increases to 2000, deals 33% more damage to units at impact point, has larger scatter radius, its price also increases to 3000
3.5: The impact point of Ares FAV becomes more visible.
4: Add new structrue Control Center for The NEMESIS, it can unlock Intelligent Combat Unit as Demeter done before, it also has new upgrade to improve missiles of Neptune and AT-47.


5: Units attacked by Chrono Legionnaires become immune to normal damage (expect cryo) now.
6: Fix visual effect for cryo missiles.
7: The Lightning Storm lasts for 2 minutes now and can be controlled, its cryo damage also increases.


8: Boreas has one additional bomb but less damage for each.
9: The upgrade Future Tech has additional effect to make NEMESIS infantry immune to Toxin and Radiation damage.

1: Soviet Barrack has smaller expansion radius.
2: Orbital Drop deals more damage to airborne units.
3: Tesla Trooper special ability has smaller effect radius and shorter unpack time, EMP effect becomes Electro-Stasis effect.
4: Sickle, MiG Fighter, Kirov Airship, AA Turret and Bullfrog have new models now.


5: Now Natasha has a modified model, her snipe rifle cannot snipe pilots of Heroic units.
6: Now the upgrade Armor Rush has no rate of fire effect and more speed reduction. For V4 and Dreadnought it only increases hitpoint.
7: Add new upgrade Rocket Race in Soviet Battle Lab before Armor Rush. This upgrade can improve missiles of V4 and Dreadnought, also increases speed of MiG Fighter and Kirov Airship(Gastroburners Mode).
8: Twinblade get more buffs from the upgrade Armor-Piercing Bullets.
9: The Nuclear Powerplant explodes more violent.
10: Tesla Coil special ability changes to Tesla Bombardment.
11: Leech-Beam of Hammer Tank deals more damage but heals the same amounnt as before.
12: M-Harpoon of Apocalypse Tank deals more damage and attracts the same level units of Apocalypse Tank will make them approach each other.
13: Electro-Stasis Ray now has EVA Notification.

1: Now Pavlichenko has a modified model.
2: The upgrade Advanced Electrodynamics(in Warfactory before) and Tesla Engineering Optimize(in Battle Lab before) changed position with each other.
2.5: Now the upgrade Advanced Electrodynamics additional adds attack range for Tesla Tank, Tesla StormTrooper, Stingray, also the upgrade has increased price and upgrade time.

Scarlet Crescent:
1: Type-59 Tank becomes cheaper and builds faster, Heroic one deals more fire damage.
2: Increase damage of Overlord Tank maingun and missiles, reduce unpack time of its ability.
3: Mortar Cycle has decreased hitpoint for most damage type(except Gun) and shorter build time. They also can be killed by cryo weapon like infantry.
3.5: Mortar of Mortar Cycle has increased damage and increased cooldown time.
4: Increase True Samadhi Fire weapon damage to vehicle and structrue.
5: Luofu Corvette has new model and new torpedo weapon. Its price, hitpoint, ability damage and ability cooldown also increased while speed decreased.
5.5: The naval mine now deals additional damage to submerged units.
6: Telecom Station now has two-grid-width expansion radius.
7: Commissar attack range increased.
8: Fix issue that iron curtain will prevent Scarlet Crescent buildings from construction.
9: Tong Gong deals less damage, its special ability effect changes to jam airborne target's weapon.
10: Fix issue that Chronosphere will activate Propaganda Terminal by mistake.
11: Xuanyuan Halberd has new missile model and increased damage.

1: Tsunami Tank has new model.


2: Adjust the damage dealt to different types of units by Yuriko.
3: Imperial Warrior has new model.
4: Fix issue that Paralysis Whip will be blocked by structrue.
5: Decreases armor of King Oni
6: King Oni with shield enabled can attack now, but decrease rate of fire and range.
7: Damage type of tengu ground mode changes to increase its damage to armored vehicle and ship.
8: Tankbuster no longer get additional attack range when garrisoned.
8.5: Fix issue that Tankbuster will lose special armor in Spider Burrow in Aggressive Stance.
9: Increase damage from Honorable Discharge
10: Decrease Railgun Artillery Overload Mode attack range to 2000, increase Railgun Artillery Rapid Fire Mode attack range to 900.

1: Shionoto Tank has new model.
2: Decrease fire rate of Lamenter-AX siege mode, also grant this mode ability to attack Tenkei Mothership.
3: Clone Warrior has new model.
4: Add new unit Archer Maiden, can effectively attack vehicle and aircraft.


5: Fix issue that upgraded Lamenter-AX siege mode will not attack automatically.
6: Decrease damage of Kagerou King Oni Charge.
7: Decrease explosive damage distance decay of Class-L Sudden Transport. Also more upgrades take effect to it.



1: The upgrade Armored Chassis now takes 35s to upgrade.
2: Decrease price of Ata-7 Archer to 175
3: Decrease price of Kiri Harbor to 1000
4: Overhaul the whole tech line of The Tenkei Mothership.
4.5: Add shield module and missile array to The Mothership.
4.8: Adjust hull strength, move speed and most weapons of The Mothership.
5: YoRa-9 Combat Droid has new model, new attack style and increased attack range.
6: Increase scatter radius of Taiho Carrier bomber and hitpoint of all Taiho Carrier Drones. Decrease Taiho Carrier speed.
7: Increase price of U511 to 1400, increase fire rate and range of its anti-air weapon, increase damage of its hover missile weapon.
8: Adjust hitpoint and damage of A-Wing.
9: The prerequisite of R.V.S.T. Defender changes to Hayashi Refinery. Increase R.V.S.T. Core hitpoint.
10: Change drone model of Takao Cruisers(AA Modified).
11: Grant Prejudged Firing ability to Ata-7 Archer.

1: [Campaign]Remake Allied Campaign Mission 1, 2, 3 ;Remake Soviet Campaign Mission 1
2: New skirmish map Infinite Fortress.
3: Some fire will spread themselves if possible (now only in ARBZD map and the death fire of BAI Epic Units)
4: New netrual Base Defense Structures, they have ability to turn on/off themselves.
5: Superwepaons of different factions will count their cooldown time independently.
6: Repair Ship use Repair Beam now.
7: Increase damage of fighters' short range weapon. Increase damage of tengu fighter and A-wing. All of them have decreased attack range.

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