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Some Update from the latest version, the next relese will comming soon.

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Global Update:QQ20200811174858

Armor Rush v3.215 (Eng ver.)

1:EXP System Update, Units need more Experience to the next level.

Veteran: Damage+10%

Elite: Health+20% Damage+10% Self repair/Self heal while disengage

Heroic: Health+50% Damage+25% Vision+20% Self repair/Self heal

Now Veterancy Tech Structure only give Veteran Level to unit, more Veterancy Tech Structure you have, faster your force promoted.

2:High Tech Structure and Tech 3 authorize(Allied Factions) increased price .

3:Give Engineer hack ability, Engineer can attack base defense tower to take over it (except soviet sentry gun) and gain some experience. Veteran Engineer gain Range Repair, allow then repair nearby friendly structure passively. Elite one have further attack range of hack ability. Heroic one can hack most of buildings .

4:Helicopters have dust effect .

5:Battle Filed Control System redesign(means game UI and the others) .QQ20200811173406

6:AI reset,9 factions AI now available . Include New Elite AI .QQ20200811174250

7:Optimize tank cannon draws .And upgraded tanks aiming assist .

8:New damage type: Radiation .

9: Hospital can build ambulance.

10:Garrision units got vision range boost .

11: Stealth unit will visible when use their special ability .

12:Autocannon weapons(Damage Type) cause fleabite to those large ship .

13:New Neutral Defense Structure form Raytheon Corporation: Pill Box , AT Turret , Patriot Missile Platform.

14: Submarine Units now can attack target behind structures.

15:Remove Random Bonus Create Mode at Skirmish. Add Ultimate Weapon Disable Mode.

16:Increase All Docks Repair Drone Move Range.


1:PeaceKeeper remake, use carbine instead of shotgun. PeaceKeeper have hang grenade that can damage garrison units. Grenade disable when PeaceKeeper garrison structure.

2:Reduce Guardian Tank damage and special ability effect after High Tech Upgrade(100%→75%) . Got laser weapon upgrade in Heroic.

3:Remove Javelin Soldier range boost when he use special ability. Change Laser color

4:Remake Assault Destroyer model. Boost its anti-sub drones speed. Install Blackhole armor back.

5: Athena Cannon use Target Painter Replace Cryo Satellite Special Ability . Reduce Its area damage to once. Increase Health(20%) and Move Speed(25%)

6:Cryo Copter reduce special ability range to 80%,increase it cool down time.

7: Apollo Fighters long range autocannon can damage overlap unit at the same time.

8:Reduce Apollo Fighter and Cryo Copter Benefits from Advanced Aeronautics

9:Remake ACV Model. ACV torpedo reload slower, increase torpedo weapons attack range. Got twin shotgun upgrade in Heroic.

10:Change Tanya C4 weapons, now Tanya will put 5 sec Time Charger .Gave Tanya Stealth ability and increase her move speed. Reduce Time Belt recharging time. Reduce Weapons range and boost damage.

11:Remake Spectral Tower Model. Now Spectral Tower have armor upgrade

12:Reduce Mirage Tank damage. Reduce T3 Tank resistance to Spectral Weapons(Damage Type)

13:Remake Sigma Harmonizer Model

14:Increase IFV and Mutigunner Turret damage to airbone target.

15:Remake Aircraft Carrier Model. Increase drone, damage, and Price. Fighter Drone now use missile weapon.

16:New Tech 2 Heavy Infantry for Allied and Hawk Eye: Prism Legionnaires.

17:Allied,HawkEye,NEMESIS Outpost/ Control Center Increase 50% Tech Range

Hawk Eye:

1:Remove Guardian Tank, instead of Skyfare MBT. Got plasma cannon upgrade in Heroic.

2:Remove Aegis Mobile Shield Vehicle

3:New Tech 3 Drone Platform Vehicle: Azur Drone Platform& Woodpecker Drone. Woodpecker Drone have evade system after Advanced Aeronautics Upgrade.

4:Remake Nightingale Model. Now Nightingale can upgrade by Advanced Aeronautics .Can clear garrison with grenade.

5:Remake Valkyrie. Main Weapons Anti-Tank Missile Targetable Vehicle only, Aircraft Ammo Upgrade will equips Valkyries with AG rockets.(Anti-surface)

6: Reduce Hawk Eye Cryo Copter Special Ability Effect .Firing Rate:25% .Target Enemy will shrink them. Increase health, Reduce damage 25%.

7:Remove Apollo-C Fighter Initial Veteran ,increase It base damage.

8:Remake Harbinger Gunship Model, it can active Damping Field which greatly increases damage reduction. Increase Machine Gun at tail.

9: Remake Aircraft Carrier Model. Increase drone, damage, and Price. Fighter Drone now use missile weapon.

10: Aircraft Ammo Upgrade won't need Advanced Aeronautics Upgrade anymore.


1:Reduce Ares FAV Price, repair It attack range to alert range. Increase Minigun fire range.

2:Remove Canvasser Control across structure. Now Canvasser and Canvasser IFV can't control some special units.

3:Rebuild Tech Upgrade

4:Remake Chrono Legionnaire Model. Reduce damage. Unlock by Power Suit Upgrade.

5:Increase AT-47 Turret health 50%, Firing Rate 25%.Reduce damage. Use Missile Weapons atttack Submarine or Aircraft.

6:Remake Zeus Weather Control Device Model. Remake Lightning Storm Effect.

7:Remake Dolphin attack visual effect.

8:Replace Mirage Tank with Hephaestus Tank Destroyer. A powerful robot tank with anti tank missile.

9:Remake Neptune Model .

10:Remake Selene Model.

11:New Commando: Herring Gull. Equip with two Cryo Submachine Gun, He can harvest infantry as child's play.

12: Defense Protocol Upgrade Increase Building health to 120%(20%).

13: Increase Eunomia Hydrofoil Weapons Jammer Attack Range and Attack Speed. Repaired its damage after Cryo Weapons upgrade


1:Soviet and KGB Airfield requied build Nuclear Powerplant Once

2:Increase Flak Troopers Attack Range.

3:Reduce Sentry Gun Attack Range. Increase anti vehicle ability.

4:Increase Akula Sub Attack Range.

5:Remake Twin Blade Rocket Attack and Visual Effect.

6:Tesla Coil have Upgrade(T3), Increase Health and Unlock special ability of Tesla Blast. Increase Price.

7:Change Tesla Troops special ability to Tesla Blast.

8:Hammer Tank got tesla cannonball upgrade in Heroic. Now Hammer Tank can gain sub weapon from Tesla Tank

9: Gave Natasha Stealth ability. Reduce Natasha Move Speed.

10: Increase Conscripts Move Speed. Conscripts will moving faster when using Molotov.

11:Reduce V4 rocket damage. V4 and Monsoon Rocket Launcher special ability only change attack range and spread.

12:Reduce AA turret damage.

13:Remake Apocalypse Tank Model. Increase resistance to cannon, rocket and explosive (Damage Type), Increase Reloaded Time. Got Nuclear Cannon upgrade in Heroic.

14:Remake Dreadnought Model. Increase flak cannon damage. Special ability can affect flak cannon.

15:Give Nuclear Missile EMP Effect.


1: Rebuild Tech Upgrade.

2:Remake Badger Bomber Model. use Tesla bomb instead of toxin bomb. Reduce Attack Range.

3: Gave Pavlichenko Stealth ability. Main weapons cause EMP Effect after Tesla Bullet Upgrade.

4:KGB Twin Blade got Tesla Rockets Upgrade(Landing Pad). Allowed Twin Blade create tesla pulses in water to damage ship and submarine. Got EMP upgrade in Heroic.

5:Increase Overcharged Stingrays Upgrade Effect.

6:Remake Tesla Tank Model. Got Tail Weaponization upgrade in Heroic.

7:Remove Wall from KGB Crane.

8:Remove V4 and Dreadnought Basics Toxin warhead.

Scarlet Crescent:

1: Commissar build Telecom Station instead of AA Battery. Can garrison infantry to unlock weapons. If Telecom Station Infiltrated by enemy, that Infiltrator will be shot ,it will inspire Scarlet Crescent Forces.

2:Remake Propaganda Terminal Model. Remake Propaganda System. Can change volume at Settings→Audio Opinions→Movie. Now Propaganda have Effect Range(Propaganda Terminal 1500 , Telecom Station 800 )

3:Remove Mine Layer.

4:Change weapons of Mortar Cycle. Mortar Cycle use anti-tank grenade. It's Special Ability can fire three consecutive shells which deploy minefields at the targeted area. Reduce It Health and Price. Reduce damage of Anti-tank grenade(Pioneers and Mortar Cycle). Remove Terror Drone Surprise Upgrade for Mortar Cycle.

5:New Scout Car: Iron Man Buggy. Use Frame thrower and Stasis Ray against Infantry.

6:New Transport: Type 63 APC.

7:Remake Twin Blade Model. Increase It Health and Price.

8:Remake All Mine Model.

9:New Commando: Head Li. Stealth, can use pistol sneak into base and calibrate rangefinders on the target position and call in a round of long-range artillery strikes.

10:Increased build time of Scarlet Crescent Structures at Production Structure Tab.

10:Remake Tong Gong Model.

12:Increase Flametrooper White Phosphorus Incendiary Bombs damage to Structure. Remake Main Weapon Attack mode.

13:Reduce All Flamethrower Weapons damage to Structure After True Samadhi Fire Upgrade.

14:Remake Shan Hai Submarine Model.

15:Remake Winter Wind Model. Increase flak cannon damage.

16: Luofu Corvette add Flamethrower Weapon. Magnetic Mines only alive 120 sec. Reduce Magnetic Mine Damage.

17:Remake Xuanyuan Halberd Attack mode. Now it will locked target first, then fire at target structure.

18: Refit Crane can production UAV. Increased 1 Repair Drone. Tank Destroy Upgrade Unlocked by " In Good Order, Twice Over" Upgrade.

19: Type-59 MBT got Burning shot upgrade in Heroic. It Special Ability can buff Type-59 MBT(Move Speed) and Pioneers(Armor) around.

20: Commissar can riding most of Scarlet Crescent Vehicle inspire around SC units. Can't evacuate(except 63APC).


1:Remove Yuriko Special Ability EMP effect to Structure.

2: Increase Mini-sub reload time. Increase Health.

3:Tsunami and Shionoto Tank got Nano swarm upgrade in Heroic. Reduce Effect of Special Ability. Increase Attack Range.

4:Move Point-Defense Generator Upgrade Into Nano Swarm Hive. Reduce Price and Power demands.

5:Add Nano Core Production Upgrade at Nanotech MainFrame.

6:Imperial Warrior can damage Garrison Unit directly. They won't shoot Structure when garrison.

7:Remake Rocket Angel. Paralysis whips can target defence tower in Heroic.

8:Remake King Oni Model. Japan King Oni can active Energy Shield.

9:Japan& Kagerou Docks can production Mecha Tengu(Tech 2 Upgrade). Remove Tank production.

10:Increase VX Striker Damage.

11:Reduce Nano Core Move Speed.

12:Allow Point Defence Drone cover Submarine on the surface. It will be destroyed when submarine diving. Add new Top-Secret Protocol: Infantry Defence Drone.

13:Remake Naginata Cruiser Model. Increase Health.

14: Increase Japan, Kagerow and Tenkei Tankbuster Attack Range. Reduce Damage. Increase Special Ability Cool-Down Time.

15:Replace Railgun Artillery Special Ability .Only change attack range and damage.

16:Increase Sea Wing and U511 Attack Range and Damage.

17:Remake Shogun Battleship Model.


1:Reduce Clone Warrior Receiving Damage.

2:Remake Kagerou Striker-VX to Striker-AX, Increase Health, Damage and Prize. Reduce Move Speed. Anti-Air weapon change to Laser.

3:VX Defender Anti-Air weapon change to laser.

4: Shionoto Tank Increase damage.

5: Shadow Ronin Won't be able to Sniped by Natasha.

6: Mecha Kamikaze-Tengu will damage area infantry.

7: Remake King Oni Model. Kagerou King Oni can active Energy Shield when use Special Ability.


1:Remake Mother Ship Tech Line. Increase Mother Ship Health. Increase AA Weapons Attack Range, Reduce Anti Ground Attack Range.

2:Reduce Ata-7 Archer Damage. High Energy Bows Upgrade requires Tech 2 Barrack.

3:Change Honoh Dojo Tech Upgrade into Global Upgrade. Increase Prize of Upgrades.

4:Reduce Kaze Generator Prize to 800.

5:U511 Transform Into Hover Tank (Need Motor Upgrade).

6:Branch A: No more Aircraft Production Limit, now you can product aircraft as many as you can. Unlock Second Aircraft Production Line after Aerial Control Tower Upgrade.

7: YoRa-9 Combat Droid can Teleport and heal it self. Increase Armor and Prize.

8:Increase R.V.S.T. Defender Damage, Health.

9:Remake Takao Cruiser Model. Increase anti-air damage after upgrade.

10:Remake Taiho Carrier and Drones Model. Increase Taiho Prize. Bomb Drone use Ion Torpedo.


1:[Campaign]Remake Allied Campaign Mission 1QQ20200811184411

2:[COOP]Odessa: Japan Faction Only. Support AI Player available.QQ20200811185725

3:[ARBZD]Lost Angel: Can play with All Faction. But not allow cheat by [ELITE]AI.QQ20200811183939

4:[Elite] Stellaris: New Boss AI from Hawk Eye.QQ20200811191724

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