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Hi Folks, Bane here, It's been a busy time over at Armada Central, Many of the devs have taken a well earned rest and are on their holidays, leaving poor Bane to type up some news articles. So here i am typing! This article is all about our new launch of our community spotlight features. Lets go into some more detail...

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Hello Folks,

While a few of us work on 1.2 to get rid of some of the AI Stutter issues and fix all the issues in my news post it has occurred to me and the other developers that many of you are busy thinking of ways to help the devs or improve the mod or even reshape it in your own eyes.

Some of you downright disagree with poor Bane on how his team has balanced the mod which is fine, heck we get it wrong often or not and we appreciate the feedback when its constructive and well formed. But what if we don't agree and you really want to see sweeping changes to a Call to Arms because you too Love Armada 3? Maybe you don't have the time to build an entire mod and want to use our assets fairly and out of respect.

Like most big games developers such as the sins developers themselves we want to encourage... Modding and Addons... We also want to encourage Translation Packs, As most of you know I'm typically British and I absolutely horribly suck at learning languages or speaking languages (sometimes my own) so I'm putting it out there to our many fans to undertake if they want to translation packs and language adaptation.

How will this help us? Well its about spreading the word of the mod to others, we don't get anything monetarily out of this mod and we certainly spend a lot of time making it, our real desire is to spread the mod to the many Trek fans out there or even just RTS fans.

How can you get involved? Well were going to open up our mod in the future and by this i mean were going to ask you guys to submit your add-ons for review to us and if they are fit for sharing up they go.

What will and wont be considered? We will consider add-ons and mods whether they be sound packs, translations or balance changes as long as they 1) Work! 2) Are large enough to warrant an add-on so for example a balance change would have to be for a whole faction not just 1 or 2 ships! 3) Doesn't break copyright in anyway. 4) we feel it is in keeping with the Star Trek Time Period and Universe - So no constitution mods...Sorry!

What we cant do! We wont be able to help you build your add-on or mod or test it, most modding advice can be found on the sins forum, Finally we may advise those creating translation packs as long as they have read up on string editing in advance.

Hopefully you guys will agree this gives you a chance to bring your own flavour to Armada CTA, Feel free to submit your add ins via our Forum under our new Addons Forum!

This is Bane, Signing Out


I'd love to see an add-on that changes weapon damage across the board by upping it. Sometimes it seems like things are a lot less squishy than they should be and that combat can slow to a snail's pace.

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True Trek Durability Mod, where one hit from any weapon makes the victim blow into smithereens!

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People are mad about STA: 3 -CTA?

How is such a thing even POSSIBLE?!

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I would like to see more Maps added...theres just not enough maps in CTA

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