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This is Arma Cold War Assault ENB Version 1.00. ENB brings enhanced graphics to the critically acclaimed military simulation shooter, Arma Cold War Assault (Steam Version)

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Hey guys, it's Xythos - or Matt. You may or may not know my from my work in progress mod (which will have a playable Pre-Pre-Alpha this September), Battlefield 2: World at War.

What you're seeing here is a project with iq7736 and myself - ENB for Arma Cold War Assault. This is the very first version of this mod that includes what ENB is all about... Enhanced Visuals and some small changes in the settings that really make a difference. The ENB was done by iq7736, who is also doing ENB for Battlefield 2: World at War.

Future versions of this mod will include new weapons, maps, missions, camos, vehicles, optics, attachments, animations, stances, rag doll deaths (possibly), gore (possibly.. if it does happen it won't be over the top), sounds, music, lights, improved AI, easy to learn system for commanding troops and etc.. (tutorial), and some more features that I will soon announce.

To make these features possible we will need someone who can do 3D Modeling, Lighting, Textures / Camos... basically a member in every position. If you would like to help leave a comment and / or send me (Xythos) a message.

Be sure to track and share this mod!

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