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Install instructions for Arktwend EV release. The actual version

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You need download only Arktwend Final 1.0.0 form SureAi. The other patches are included in the English translation. Included with the translation download one needed missing texture we found, a Music folder that has 4 extra music files from one of the patches and an English ini. The oringal Morrowind ini will not work correctly so you will need to use the in the English download because it is a TC.

EMaster vXXX Translated Master is on their download page or if an update has taken place the latest might be found at the link below.

Arktwend English:

Burrowind has made an excellent install guide because the installer is in German it might be confusing, also he show how to set it up as a multi-install so you can play Morrowind and then switch back to Aktwend. Here is his link to the web page. There are some excellent in game screenshots there.

Here's a tip: Try installing Vvardenfell Visages Volume I as a face replacer. It works, since it's pluginless.

To Install Arktwend files
Run its installer.

To Play
Only activate Arktwend EMaster vXXX.esm after installing nothing else.

This esm has everything in it but MWE. I halted it in order to track down errors and thought it might be causing some, it was just the MWE Combat system.

You do not need to use Morrowind Enhanced with the English version.

They recommend using mw_fps_opt, because it makes an enormous increase in sight received, making the landscapes of Arktwends even more enjoyable. It is provided in their download package. Abot has been running Arktwend with MGE and it seems to be working out ok. So if you want to try that you can.

Remember to use their Morrowind.ini or mine. I did include the ini I have been using just in case; I altered where it said language, yes to all and show fps. I changed it from German to English that way I could use the console with the English keyboard otherwise it is in German, even when you save. I more point concerning the ini – If you use my English ini and then switch to their German ini none of the save games will show up in the game. This is because of the language setting they were saved in. To get them back either switch ini or go into the ini and change the language line to English or German. Then your saves will show up again.

NOTICE - Must Do
Don't use levitate or jump walls in Stormwend or in spots where it tells you to come back later because you will break some quests. Most of the time you can levitate in Stormwend but when a quest is give or an event happens, you should walk through. Otherwise go where you want. Also if
you have to escort someone don't lose them or you won't be able to finish the quest.

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