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A review over this past weeks activity in the development of EoS with our second weekly news feature

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Weekly News #2

What a week! Things are definitely kicking into high gear here at Arkco.
We've rolled out daily features all week to enhance the community
experience. This will help us to really keep everyone better
informed, and show off a steady stream of art, items, concepts, and
other assets from the game.

This Monday, we featured a glimpse back into the early development of Edge
of Space

The piece we chose shows things that would be featured in the "flesh
biome", a name we had used as a placeholder for what became the
infested biome. Like all aspects of Edge of Space, the names and concepts
for the different biomes have changed plenty of times. If you missed it, you can
check out the concept art here:

Tuesday we took a moment to remind everyone to stop by and be part of the
community. We value hearing everyone's thoughts and feelings on the
game and it's wonderful to see the growth over the last few weeks. If
you've never stopped by to chat, you can visit us any time on our IRC
at #edgeofspace. Our team is always there to answer
questions, concerns and just hang out!

Our Item of the Week this Wednesday was a look at one of the terraforming
machines that will be a major part of the Edge
of Space
experience. Your goal as an ArkCo recruit is to take a hostile,
broken world, and make it a liveable place. To do this, you will have
to master the terrain, using terraformers and other equipment to
actively CHANGE the world around you. This is just one example of one
of our terraformers:

The crafting system has been in place for a little while now, so Thursday
we asked the community to share with us how much crafting they've
been doing. We'd still like to hear from all of you! If you've been
crafting away, take a moment to stop by the Facebook page and let us

Friday we rolled out our Friday's Word From The Devs. We wanted to highlight
something from the team each week, to let everyone know what's been
going on behind the scenes. This week, Jake took a moment to share a
bit about the mountain of work he's been under. We also got two
in-depth blogs from Paul about the upcoming changes to the world gen
system. They've both been working at a phenomenal pace! If you missed
those blogs, you can check them out here:
we want to remind everyone to check out the new "AARP"
program we rolled out this week! We want to see the community grow
even more, so we're going to sweeten the deal: Our recruits get out
there and encourage others to sign up on the forums, and the more we
grow, the more FREE copies of Edge of Space we will award! Our first
goal is only 850 forum members, and we're not far off! Get out there
and spread the word, and don't forget to share this link!

it for this week, Recruits! Thanks for reading, and we'll see you
next week!

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